“I Like Anime”: Here’s What Usain Bolt Loves to Do in His Free Time

When people talk about Usain Bolt, the first thing that comes to mind is his hard work and determination. However, after winning eight gold medals at Olympics, he now enjoys life away from the track.

With his athletics career over, he focused on releasing a new music album with his manager, Nugent NJ Walker, that keeps rising on the music charts. Hence, when asked what he does during his free time, Bolt had a lot of answers that surprised his fans.

Usain Bolt loves to play dominoes

While most athletes prefer to stay out of media attention after their careers, Bolt embraces it. He loves the attention and is a true ambassador for the world of sport. Notably, when asked what he does during his free time, Bolt revealed some of his hobbies.

“In my chill time, I do games still, but I play a lot of dominoes. My friends, my close friends are not good at Jamaican dominoes, so we play French dominoes and for me, it’s very intense, but that’s fun. And I’m a binge-watcher, so I like to find a good series and watch. I like to watch Anime, that’s something that right now.”

“I will go home, I’ll watch some anime or find a nice series and just chill,” said Bolt.

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Olympia Lightning Bolt

During the interview, Bolt spoke about his daughter and how he feels she will grow up to be just like him. Recalling an anecdote from his childhood, he expressed how he sees traits of himself in her.

Her special name, Olympia Lightning Bolt, is already a reminder of Bolt’s legacy in the sport. However, will she don the track like her father, let alone surpass his feats? That remains to be seen.


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Having spent over a decade in the track and field, Usain is today recognized as one of the greatest athletes of all time. Notably, his fastest time remains unbeaten to date. Do you think one of the Bolt kids will go on to break their father’s records someday?

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