I spent £98 on a PLT premium range co-ord but people say I look like a cheap Quality Street wrapper

A FASHION fan shared her honest opinion of PLT Premium – and even though she spent almost £100 on the outfit, everyone thinks it’s absolutely not worth the money.

Chloe shared a video of herself opening and trying on a £98 co-ord from PLT’s Premium range and she wasn’t impressed with the look.

Chloe was disappointed the ‘premium’ outfit came in standard packaging

Commenters said the material looked cheap

She said: “I have ordered from the PLT Premium range. It is a ridiculously expensive range.”

The problems began before Chloe had even opened the parcel containing the £60 top and the £38 skirt.

She said she was disappointed that the outfit arrived in standard PLT packaging, as many other expensive brands wrap their deliveries nicely. 

Though she thought the colour was beautiful, Chloe said the quality could definitely be improved. 

“It doesn’t feel any better quality than usual and it even says the colour may run. I don’t really know what I paid £98 for so far”, she said, opening the skirt.

After trying on the outfit, Chloe said: “Really not sure on it, it’s definitely not worth £98.”

The sizing was off too, she said, noting that the top was small for a size 14 and the skirt was far too wide on the hips at a size 12.

She said: “I feel like it is an extortionate rip off. 

“Seriously, nearly £100? The top is really good quality but the top was £60, and there’s no way I’d pay £60 for this. Yeah, PLT Premium, not worth it.”

The video quickly racked up 27,000 likes and commenters agreed the clothing definitely wasn’t worth almost £100.

“I mean you look fire, but the outfit is reminding me of a quality street”, wrote one commenter, while another said: “Sis RETURN, definitely not worth the money.”

A third added: “I feel like you can see the skirt looks a bit cheap.”

“98???? That material looks cheap as well, what a joke”, agreed a fourth.

She said the co-ord was an ‘extortionate rip off’

AlamyCommenters said the look reminded them of Quality Street’s ‘The Purple One’[/caption]

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