REVEALED: Mercedes F1 Director’s Reason for Using Lewis Hamilton’s Old Engine in Qatar

Mercedes’ W12 has now been likened to a rocket because of its intense speed in the recent races. Leaving everyone speechless, including their rivals at Red Bull, Mercedes looks to zoom through the remaining couple of races. However, in Qatar, it was revealed that Hamilton was using an old engine, not the one from the Brazilian GP. While this got heads scratching, Mercedes explains their tactical move.

With engine degradation being an issue for the W12, the team used an older engine in Qatar, keeping in mind the length of the circuit. “Because it’s older, it’s got a bit less power… of the remaining circuits, Qatar has the shortest amount of straight line, the shortest amount of full-throttle running, and it’s got an awful lot of cornering.”

As a result, it made more sense to use the engine in Qatar. “All we’re really doing is trying to balance the mileage across the pool but make sure that when we use a less powerful engine, there is less of a penalty for it and that also means when we get to the final two tracks, we are going to have the most power that we possibly can.”

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More power in the W12 sounds like a nightmare for Red Bull, who have been far off Mercedes’ pace in the last few races. With the ebbs and flows of the season, will the Mercedes engine upgrades push them to the stop?

Toto Wolff excited to flaunt new Mercedes pace

Toto Wolff has fired a warning to Red Bull. “We’ll get our spicy equipment out for Saudi Arabia.” Referring to the Brazilian GP engine, Wolff seems confident about the double championship at the end of the series.

Formula One F1 – Qatar Grand Prix – Losail International Circuit, Lusail, Qatar – November 20, 2021. Mercedes’ Lewis Hamilton during qualifying REUTERS/Hamad I Mohammed/Pool.

Wolff divulged on the plan for the last two races. “I think we have to push maximum attack. We have to catch up, make some points up and that’s just what we are going to do.” He also explained how Hamilton’s winning streak should have Red Bull worried, ” [The car] seemed to be in a happy spot, he controlled the race from the front and that’s a good indication of what’s to come in Saudi Arabia and Abu Dhabi.”

With a thrilling two races left, anything can happen. While Mercedes seems to be in a good place, will the season give us another plot twist? Just two more races to find out.

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