WWE Legend Feels Triple H Can Take WWE to Greatness After Vince McMahon

People have different choices and different opinions in predicting Vince McMahon’s successor in WWE. While some want Shane McMahon to continue the legacy, some think Triple H can do a better job than Shane.

Recently, former WWE superstar Kane revealed his thoughts regarding this situation. On The Doug Collins Podcast, Kane claimed Triple H has the capability of taking WWE to even greater heights.

During the interview, Kane admitted that as Vince McMahon gets older, a lot of things will change, including the leadership, for better or worse. Over the last few months, many superstars have complained about the corporate nature of WWE.

However, Kane thinks it was bound to happen as that is how things work right now in today’s world, according to him.

He said, “So you see these natural changes and then you see a change in leadership. I don’t know what’s going to happen. Triple H, I think, has an amazing mind for the wrestling industry.” (h/t: Fightful)

“If I were to say, you know, one person that could really take the company and take it even higher and even further, it would be him. I think he’s just got that kind of talent. He’s a genius at this stuff,” Kane added on the Doug Collins Podcast.

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Former WWE superstar prefers Shane McMahon over Triple H and Stephanie McMahon as Vince McMahon’s successor

Earlier this year, former WWE superstar, JTG talked about the rumors of WWE getting sold. He added if it was up to him, then he would definitely pick Shane McMahon to be Vince’s successor.

While speaking to The Wrassingh Show, JTG admitted he would like to see the WWE stay in the McMahon family instead of getting sold.

He later mentioned that he feels Shane would be the ideal choice to replace Vince McMahon and keep the legacy alive. The former WWE Superstar added that Shane McMahon’s energy impressed him during his time in the company.

JTG claimed Shane alone will do great rather than Triple H and Stephanie McMahon. He claimed Triple H and Stephanie are two minds, whereas Shane is solo.

Do you think Shane is the perfect successor to Vince McMahon’s throne or should ‘The Game‘ and Stephanie McMahon be Vince’s successors?

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