Dare to Dream! Sony and Xbox Join Forces in Rare Promotion Ahead of Black Friday

The gaming industry is one of the craziest ones in the world, with new things popping up every minute. Yet somehow, Sony and Xbox have managed to amuse fans across the globe with their latest venture. Yes, the unthinkable has happened!

In a bizarre and surprising collaboration, Sony and Xbox have now joined forces, as the title suggests, to give Xbox Game Pass subscribers another free of additional charges benefit. And an exciting incentive for individuals to spend a buck on the Xbox’s top-tier subscription service.

Xbox: Why the extra cash to upgrade to Ultimate is worth it now more than ever

Ever since their launch, Xbox’s two Game Pass subscription services, the Standard and the Ultimate variants, have offered members the best Xbox has to offer. With Game Pass, Ultimate subscribers enjoying edging over the Standard in certain areas.

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While customers of both services enjoy the standard benefits like the same day releases of Xbox Game Studio titles and EA Play, those will to pay the $5.00 USD difference have free access to cloud games, free perks and Xbox Live Gold offers as well.

Now, to sweeten to the pot, Xbox is offering a Sony acquired service to Ultimate members free of cost. To finally unveil what the collaboration is, Crunchyroll’ 75-day subscription plan is now available to claim in for the Ultimate customers. And if you’re wondering why Sony is doing this, what’s better than promotion by an adversary company and making a little extra money?

Crunchyroll, Sony acquisition and PlayStation

Crunchyroll is the official and one of the biggest anime streaming service in the world. It provides registered users a medium to keep up with the latest happenings in their favorite anime and manga. Crunchyroll has three traditional subscription plans starting at $7.99 USD a month.

The company was acquired by the Sony’s Funimation in December 2020 for about $1.175 Billion USD. And since the PlayStation fans have forever been waiting for Sony to somehow integrate it with their plans. However, Xbox fans will get to test it out before PlayStation loyals do.

The one-of-a-kind promotion runs out next year on February 28. Make sure to claim it if you are an Ultimate member. If not, it is definitely worth it.

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