Former US Champion Names the Michael Jordan, Kobe Bryant and LeBron James of WWE

Michael Jordan has done in basketball which will be very hard to replicate for anyone. The NBA fans still argue Kobe Bryant was on the level of Michael Jordan and LeBron James is almost better than either of the men. However, every fan can agree the legacy of the aforementioned players is extraterrestrial.

WWE veteran R-Truth admitted in a recent interview about who is the Michael Jordan, Kobe Bryant, and LeBron James of WWE. We know till now you must have imagined the three WWE superstars who are like the three basketball legends. Let’s see whether you’re right or not.

R-Truth recently appeared in an interview with Brandon Robinson of Brally Sports’ and talked about everything from wrestling to his music career.

Robinson then asked Truth about who are Michael Jordan, Kobe Bryant, and LeBron James of WWE. Eventually, the former US champ had an interesting list of superstars.

Who is the Michael Jordan of WWE?

When Truth was asked the question, he didn’t hesitate to admit that The Rock is the Michael Jordan of Vince McMahon’s company and he is right about the comparison.

Michael Johnson #23, shooting guard for the Chicago Bulls prepares to make a shot during a Central Division game in the Eastern Conference of the National Basketball Association (NBA) 1988 – 1989 season at Chicago Stadium, Chicago, United States. (Photo by Jonathan Daniel/Allsport/Getty Images)

Just like Jordan achieved every possible accolade in the sport of basketball, similarly, The Rock has done everything in the pro-wrestling industry and the fans can’t get enough of him.

Truth also said that Universal champion, Roman Reigns is the Kobe Bryant of the business, and ‘The Viper’ is just like LeBron James of the pro-wrestling business.

“I’d say The Rock would be Michael Jordan. Roman Reigns would be Kobe, and Randy Orton would be LeBron James, Randy’s bada**. Randy can go! And I named those guys Randy and Roman because those are guys that I find myself – I’ll sit at the monitor and I watch them because there’s a technique to wrestling. It’s like an art. It’s like painting and it’s like a dance and wrestlers have that.” he said.

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Truth added, These guys are like maestros at it. Randy Orton and Roman Reigns; watching them is like watching a painting being painted by Norman Rockwell.”

And frankly, Truth seems absolutely right in this comparison and it looks like Roman Reigns will one day surpass The Rock to become the Michael Jordan of WWE.

Do you agree with Truth’s list? Let us know.

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