How a Playseat Allows You to Have the F1 Experience at Home? How Much Does an F1 Playseat Cost?

In recent years, Formula 1 has witnessed an explosive response from around the globe with the fandom persistently growing to an entirely new level. F1 is indeed on the right path to becoming one of the most famous sports series in the world.

So, amidst such a spurt in the fan-following, how do you think an F1 fan’s bucket list will look like? Of course, the topmost priority could revolve around meeting their favorite racing driver(s) and maybe, spectating a Grand Prix event in real.

Interestingly, above all of that, there has been a consensus in the fans wanting to own a complete simulator, including the racing seat, the steering wheel, paddles, and other relevant accessories.

Yes, some people do own the racing wheel, but in most cases, the wheel is clamped to the couch or the kitchen chair, hardly giving them an insight into the real-life racing experience. Well, this is where Red Bull Racing comes into the frame.

How the Red Bull – Playseat partnership began

Back in 2011, Red Bull Racing partnered with Playseats, a gaming seat manufacturer based in the Netherlands. Since then, the duo have been bringing about some appealing gaming seats into the market, and the designs vary according to the seating posture.

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Some of the gaming seats resemble the exact seat position of an F1 driver inside the cockpit. But, there are also a lot of others that provide much less aggressive seating postures, especially for the buyers who spend quite a lot of time in the simulator.

How much does an F1 Playseat cost?

The latest to arrive from Playseat is the Playseat Evolution PRO. Red Bull describes this as “a genuine racing seat, thanks to the authentic shape and the specifically developed ActiFit upholstery, and the Red Bull Racing Esports edition of the chair is the only way to own a Playseat® Evolution PRO with this advanced fabric.”

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The gaming seats start from $800 excluding other accessories. And the seat is compatible with PC, Play Station, Xbox, Wii Series, and other gaming consoles. For further details, you may reach out to the official website of Playseat –

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