Jake Paul and Tyson Fury Team Up in a Rare Moment to Troll Tommy Fury

The Jake Paul vs Tommy Fury press conference took place yesterday. Although Tommy Fury did not speak as much, his elder brother and father stole the show. All three Furys took center stage during the press conference as Paul joined in virtually from his pool at his house in Puerto Rico.

The entire press conference was basically Jake Paul vs John Fury, with Tommy and Tyson Fury speaking up here and there. The Fury family did not show any mercy as they berated ‘The Problem Child’. However, in a very rare moment, ‘The Gypsy King’ teamed up with Paul to troll his younger brother. The interviewer took Paul’s opinion on Tyson Fury getting into the trash-talking.

Paul said, “Yeah look, I think he should be getting paid Tommy’s purse because he’s promoting the fight more than Tommy is. You know, and he’s doing a better job.”

Fury trolled his brother as he replied, “Thank you. That’s what I said to Tommy. I said pay me all your purse, thank you.” 

The Jake Paul vs Tommy Fury press conference descends into chaos as John Fury goes at it with Jake exchanging wild insults while Tommy and Tyson watch…

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— Michael Benson (@MichaelBensonn) November 24, 2021

Ahead of their fight, the Fury brothers had engaged in a social media back and forth with the Paul brothers. They kept mimicking and berating each other, posting videos every other day, trying to better the other side.

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After all this buildup, the first physical press conference promises to be a good show.

John Fury squares up with Jake Paul during the press conference

During the press conference between Jake Paul and Tommy Fury, John Fury stole the show. Fury Sr. did not hold back even a little as he tore Paul apart with his words. At one point during the press conference, Fury got so angry at Paul’s constant blabber that he stood up and squared up against the screen, which displayed Paul’s face.

John Fury just squared up to a TV screen pic.twitter.com/sULnI2ccjQ

— ᴛʜᴇᴀʀᴛᴏꜰᴡᴀʀ (@TheArtOfWar6) November 24, 2021

All this took place as promoter Frank Warren just sat in the background, giggling and laughing at all the different kinds of insults they kept throwing at each other. The Fury camp seems to be taking this fight in a very comedic manner.

Will this affect the outcome of the fight? Will not taking Jake Paul seriously come to bite them in the back later? We’ll find out on December 18.

Who do you think will win this matchup?

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