Kevin Garnett: ‘Charles Barkley Was a M*therf*cker. He Was 6’4 and He Played Like He Was 6’11–7 Foot’

It is impossible to have a discussion about the greatest power forwards of all time without mentioning Kevin Garnett. He is the player responsible for arguably making the first super team of modern era basketball. With Ray Allen and Paul Pierce, Garnett ended the championship rings draught for the Boston Celtics. He recently appeared on Million Dollaz Worth Of Game, the weekly podcast with rapper Gillie Da King.

It was there that he revealed his top 12 players of all time. While mentioning the substitutes who he quoted are “honorable mentions” to his top 12 of all time, he mentioned an unthinkable name. Phoenix Suns and Philadelphia 76ers legend Charles Barkley was on his list. And he had nothing but praise for the NBA legend.

Kevin Garnett showers surprising praise on NBA legend Charles Barkley

Charles Barkley had been in the league for 11 years when Garnett was drafted into the league. So Garnett faced the prime veteran Charles Barkley who was a former Most Valuable Player right from the beginning of his career. So in his honorable mentions, Garnett had to mention Barkley.

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He said, “Barkley was a m*therf*cker man. He was 6’4 and he played like he was 6’11–7 foot. Had a vertical out his a*s and was beast man. Had to triple-team dude man. Dude might get you 40 and 40.”

(L-R) NBA players Kendrick Perkins, Kevin Garnett, Ray Allen, and Glen Davis of the Boston Celtics accept the award for ‘Best Team’ onstage at the 2008 ESPY Awards held at NOKIA Theatre L.A. LIVE on July 16, 2008 in Los Angeles, California. The 2008 ESPYs will air on Sunday, July 20 at 9PM ET on ESPN. (Photo by Michael Caulfield/WireImage)

Years after both the legends have retired from this sport, Garnett and Barkley still have mutual respect for one another. Moreover, Barkley and Garnett often exchange friendly banter and tease one another.

Are Michael Jordan and LeBron James on Garnett’s all-time list?

Michael Jordan barely made Garnett’s top 12 list. He was his 12th pick on his all-time selections which was baffling to even the hosts. They could not believe Michael Jordan was not starting, let alone coming off the bench. Moreover, LeBron James did not even make his list at all. So is Garnett still salty about all the championships he lost out on because of LeBron and Jordan? Let us know what you think.

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