Kevin Garnett: ‘Michael Jordan Is the Greatest Shit Talker Ever’

It is no secret that Chicago Bulls legend Michael Jordan did whatever it took to win. A fearless competitor who wasn’t afraid to get down and dirty on court, many former players have referred to him as a fierce opponent. He was also apparently an expert at talking trash, just to ruffle some feathers. As Celtics legend Kevin Garnett recently admitted, MJ was the best at talking shit in the history of the game. Is it true though?

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Playing opposite Michael Jordan can result in two kinds of feelings; either it motivates you to the fullest, or it is the most intimidating task in the world. After all, ‘His Airness’ was a 14-time All-star, and one of the league’s most respected and formidable guard-forwards ever. Till 2003, the NBA revolved mainly around Jordan, and his stint with the Chicago Bulls is etched in league history. His record of winning two three-peats will perhaps never be broken. Another thing that couldn’t be broken, was his everlasting spirit.

michael jordan’s trash talk was next level

— Rajat Suresh (@rajat_suresh) May 11, 2020

Kevin Garnett calls Michael Jordan the greatest shit-talker

Speaking of intense and fiery, 2008 NBA champion Kevin Garnett was quite the formidable opponent himself. He feared nobody, and was willing to engage in the verbal duels as well. In the course of his two decade long career, he was a 15-time All-star, and experienced the highs and lows of the league. Unsurprisingly, he also featured opposite the league’s elite class of players. But according to him, who many rate as a quality trash-talker, nobody came close to Jordan.

The 45-year-old Garnett recently appeared on the ‘Million Dollaz Worth of Game’ show. Interestingly, he spoke about a wide range of topics revolving around his time in USA’s top flight. Upon being asked who the league’s shit talker was after himself, KG questioned whether he was even the best. “Man Gary Payton, Gary Payton,” quoted Garnett before he remembered something. “Y’all talking this shit like I’m the greatest man. Michael Jordan is the greatest shit talker ever!”

Do you agree with what Kevin Garnett had to say? Only silent spectators ourselves, perhaps we will have to take his word for it, and believably so. After all, it takes a bold man to revolutionize the sport and become one of the greatest of all time!

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