Los Angeles Rams Owner Stan Kroenke to Cough Up $790 Million to Settle St. Louis Rams Lawsuit

The St. Louis Rams remain the NFL’s most depressing story so far. Thanks to owner Stan Kroenke, an entire city stood deprived of an NFL franchise as they bid adieu to the Rams. Attracted by the bright lights of Hollywood and Los Angeles, Kroenke set up the Los Angeles Rams. Now, he’s paying for it quite heavily.

Los Angeles Rams owner Stan Kroenke to pay $790 million to settle lawsuit

The city of St. Louis filed a lawsuit against Stan Kroenke for seemingly irreparable damages the moving the Rams caused the city. Losses in the millions became the focal point of the lawsuit, during which the Rams enjoyed a healthy 7-3 record this season. They’ve flexed their muscles in the open, while their owner got himself caught up in a legal labyrinth.

According to the residents of St. Louis, the moving of the Rams from their city not only caused them damage, but was a flagrant breaking of rules. And yes, they accused the NFL of breaking its own rules. As a result, the NFL also got dragged to court, and the city has sought damages from them as well. The building of a stadium in the city to host the franchise itself cost them a fortune.

Kroenke has taken on a villain status in the NFL, especially with the Rams debacle. However, he has also gotten some negative press after his signing of Odell Beckham Jr. The troubled wide receiver needed a new home, and Kroenke came through for him. After that, KC Chiefs star Tyrann Mathieu trolled him on Twitter, accrediting his fortune on his wife, the owner of Walmart.

Owner married to wal mart lady… plenty money to go around haha https://t.co/4DA1fEOqwc

— Tyrann Mathieu (@Mathieu_Era) November 11, 2021

Now, the issues that once chased Kroenke have caught up to him. The owner of English Premier League side Arsenal FC has to now cough up $790 million. This amount is simply to settle the lawsuit. The actual figure if the case went to trial would’ve been in the billions.

Does the entire fiasco validate the sum offered to settle? Will we see St. Louis have another NFL franchise? Will this lawsuit settlement bring up issues within the current Los Angeles Rams team? There are tons of questions, and only one way to find out all the answers. Stay tuned to know more.

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