Some Players Win Bigger Than Others by Walking Out Midway During MrBeast’s Squid Game

There were talks about Mr Beast hosting his own Squid Game and this has turned out to be true! Mr Beast did host a very accurate version of Squid Game where players could win thousands of dollars upon winning the games. The good part here is that these games are a much-relaxed version as compared to the Netflix show and participants won’t be killed if they fail to win in any of the games.

Mr Beast quite accurately curated 456 participants for this competition, just like the Netflix show, and every participant had the opportunity to win $456,000 prize money. Just like the show, the players who made it through each game would later be escorted to the barracks for resting and could see the cash pool of the prize money above their heads.

 Players walk out with money after the Honeycomb challenge in Mr Beast’s Squid Game

Mr Beast’s replication of Netflix’s Squid Game, although not with the exact same intensity as depicted in the series, is quite accurate in terms of the rules of the games from the series. Players who completed each game would be escorted to barracks where they could rest and watch the cash prize over their heads.

While in the show, players losing the challenges cost them their lives, Mr Beast’s Squid Game was way different. Even after losing, players left with a considerable sum of money- $2000. Interestingly, those who left immediately after completing the honeycomb challenge went home with $4000.

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The best part about these games was how accurately Mr Beast managed to pull them off seamlessly. Mr Beast, in order to maintain the sanctity of the competition, made certain changes to the games. For example, the shapes for the honeycomb challenge were hidden behind the walls until each player chose their particular spot. For the marble game, each player was paired against their ‘best friends.’

Furthermore, instead of resorting to violence as a source of elimination, players had to play a game of Ddakji which requires them to flip over a card.

Since no one actually knew how to play the original squid game, the last game was a round of Musical Chairs. Unfortunately, player 456 could not make it through to win in Mr Beast’s game, and instead, player 079 emerged victorious with the $456,000 cash prize.

What do you think of this Mr Beast’s idea of playing a real-life Squid Game? Let us know in the comments.

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