Uncanny Vanguard Glitch Gives Infinite Killstreaks to Players

Just after the most anticipated release of Call Of Duty: Vanguard earlier this month, players have started encountering bugs and glitches that either hinder gameplay experiences or give undue advantages to players. Just ahead of the first season, a new glitch cropped up in the game where players are getting unlimited killstreaks. While players are using this glitch to exploit the most out of their gameplay experience, it does hinder the integrity of online matches and Call of Duty has taken note of this.

Strange glitch gives infinite killstreaks to players in Vanguard

This new glitch is an absolutely crazy one because once players achieve the highest Killstreak in a game, they can use the Dead Drop Field Upgrade before respawning and score just one kill to once again unlock the highest streak. Have a look at how this glitch works in action during the gameplay.

Think I’ve found a Dead Drop glitch that basically lets you earn unlimited streaks.

Earn your top killstreak, pop Dead Drop, use the streak. Once you die and respawn, you’ll be one off the top streak again? pic.twitter.com/vOMUN9lAPE

— Jacob Hale (@JakeHaleee) November 20, 2021

Sledgehammer has taken note of this uncanny advantage that this glitch is providing to players. In order to ensure fair gameplay, this glitch is expected to be fixed with an update patch before the start of Season 1.

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 Vanguard’s Season 1 is just around the corner

Season 1 of Vanguard is just around the corner, expected to arrive on December 9th. Players have huge expectations from this season as it will mark the launch of a number of new things. Along with the launch of Vanguard’s Season 1, Call of Duty is also bringing in a new map for Warzone with the Pacific Caldera map, the RICOCHET anti-cheat and a plethora of new weapons for Vanguard.

So far we know 2 of the 3 Vanguard Season One guns.
• Welgun
• M1944 Hyde Carbine pic.twitter.com/IYdPiqjXSu

— ‏ً (@TheGhostOfHope) November 20, 2021

Vanguard’s first season will also bring in new operators called Anna, Lewis, and Francis into the game. One of them might feature in the Battle Pass while the others will remain as unlockable items through gameplay credentials.

Call Of Duty is all set to mark an exciting start to the holiday season and fans have the highest anticipation regarding the same.

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