VIDEO: Gory Scenes in Macua as a Big Crash Leads to a Pile of Wrecked Cars

If there’s one thing that races in Macau (fortunately and unfortunately) ensure, it’s wacky racing. Rarely will one watch a race in Macau and not be subjected to crazy, high-speed crashes.

So, by being true to its legacy, the Macau race of the Touring Car Cup series saw an incredible wrecking of over ten cars.

In the Lap 8 of the race, following a restart, a Mini Cooper S took the R Bend a little too early and crashed in the outside barrier. A few drivers following behind crashed as well. However, a few drivers safely slid their cars into the gaps of the wreckage, ensuring they passed. But nonetheless, at least eight more cars got mixed up in this crash as a red flag was bought on.

This probably happened because it was a race restart and the first coming together happened at a sharp turn. This must’ve blinded all the oncoming cars. So some were quick enough to manage their way through, while some simply crashed into the lying cars.

The image of cars just lying around, completely wrecked, some on top of each other, resembles a scene of a junkyard.

Luckily, no driver sustained any serious injury.

The crashes at Macau

The Monaco of South East Asia has a reputation for high-speed spectacular crashes. It’s largely down to the twisty, narrow nature of the circuit. Over the past few years, Macau has witnessed a lot of enormous crashes.

More recently, TSRT’s Ya Qi Zhang hit his Audi R8 straight into a wall at high speed. Such was the impact of the crash that the front section of the car was completely annihilated. The driver suffered three broken ribs and a collapsed lung.

Ya Qi Zhang survived this horrific looking accident in Warm Up of the Sands China Macau GT Cup with three broken ribs, a collapsed lung and other chest injuries. It’s amazing that Zhang didn’t suffer any leg or back injuries and it shows the safety of the Audi R8 LMS.#MacauGP

— Vincent Bruins (@VincentJBruins) November 20, 2021

In 2018, Sophia Flörsch came away with some spinal injuries in a crash that resembled a Michael Bay movie. The crash was so horrific that her car literally flew over the track and landed on one of the stands.

However, the F3 driver made a quick recovery and joined the European F3 season in 2019. She won the World Comeback of the Year award in 2020.

All these crashes only go to show why races in this circuit are synonymous with thrill and excitement. However, it sometimes comes at a cost of serious injuries and damages. But that is the part of racing and especially racing in Macau.

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