WATCH: Cat Hits Another Cat With Randy Orton’s RKO

We can see the power of the RKO move when Randy Orton performs them on his opponents. However, how about when a cat does it on another cat? Even though WWE has the advisory, ‘do not try this at home,’ no wrestling fan has ever taken them seriously. We’ve all done our favorite moves on our siblings or friends.

Apparently, cats aren’t beyond the WWE’s realm of influence either. A video of a cat RKO’ing another cat went viral recently, showing us that no one takes WWE’s warning seriously.

In the video, a cat, out of nowhere, jumps on another cat and does the RKO. The cat must have practiced the move a few times before doing it.

The cat did it so cleanly that even the Apex Predator would approve!


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How did Randy Orton come up with the RKO?

In an interview with Stone Cold on his podcast, Steve Austin’s Broken Skull Sessions, Randy talked about who taught him the RKO.

The RKO is one of the most recognized moves in professional wrestling and is so popular that it went mainstream in hip-hop culture and meme-culture. All thanks to The Viper.

Randy Orton revealed that Johnny Laurinaitis taught him how to perform the RKO, the Ace Crusher variation of Johnny’s move. “As far as the move goes, of course, there was the Diamond Cutter, and of course, there was the Ace Crusher. So, Laurinaitis and me, Laurinaitis, had my back.

Orton said he was trying the move off his shoulder, but it hurt him, so he couldn’t use that move. So Johnny Ace suggested his Ace Crusher to the WWE RAW tag team champion.

“Holy sh*t — Thank you, Johnny, because now I got this thing I can hit anybody with from anywhere. There’s no setup, no nothing. Just BOOM — and it just happens.”

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The Viper reveals how he named his finisher RKO.

The 14-time WWE and World Heavyweight Champion then revealed he didn’t have a name for his finisher when he did it. He added that the first time he did the RKO was on Hurricane Helms on TV.

“Vince is walking in the hallway, we needed a name for this thing, you know my name, Randy Keith Orton, like my initials I came up with like ‘RKO, TKO, KO, KO, KO, KO, KO. Vince, what do you think?”

That was the first time he called his finisher RKO. He named it on the spot when Vince McMahon asked him about it in the hallway. But lucky for Orton, McMahon loved the name.

Some plan

— Randy Orton (@RandyOrton) October 12, 2021

“He just never skipped a beat, kept walking, never changed his stride, and he said ‘I like it!’ That was it. The next thing you know, it’s ‘RKO, RKO.”

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Now that is what you call a great story. We are lucky that Vince McMahon didn’t hate this idea because it turned out to be a pretty legendary one!

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