WATCH: English Soccer Legend Tests Legitimacy of ‘Impossible’ FIFA 22 Goalkeeper Save

FIFA 22 is one of the most popular games in the world and is by far the biggest football game online. However, with any adaptations of a real-life sport in a game, there are several comparisons between the virtual and real representation. However, as for FIFA 22, from hilarious glitches to some unreal goals to unbelievable saves, the game is always making a buzz.

Speaking of which, in the latest edition of the game, a sensational save by Manchester City’s goalkeeper Ederson is making the rounds of the internet. Notably, the keepers have gotten a lot stronger in this edition of FIFA compared to the previous ones, and it is evident in the gameplay.

Stepping into the real world, Sport Bible asked a few football fanatics to replicate Ederson’s remarkable dive, hoping this experiment would answer the question, “is goalkeeping the toughest position in football?”

Sport Bible’s challenge to recreate Ederson’s save from FIFA 22

A few lucky fans were asked to stand in front of a standard goalpost on the street. A football was fired through a ball launcher at 50 miles per hour, into the top corner. With on-lookers and passersby’s cheering them on, and pressure mounting on the civilians, how well do you think the pretend keepers performed?

Notably, while a few got close, almost none were able to catch the ball like Ederson. Hence, showing them how it’s done, Sport Bible brought in former England goalkeeper David James to try his hand at recreating the shot. A piece of cake for the Englishman, he recreated the save picture-perfect, with ease and excellence, and no problem whatsoever.


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David James and his career as a professional footballer

James is a Premier League legend and is fourth on the all-time Premier League appearances list with 572 top-level matches under his belt. He has also played 53 times for England, starring alongside legends like Wayne Rooney, Steven Gerrard, Frank Lampard, to name a few.

James played for Liverpool, West Ham, Manchester City, and Aston Villa in the Premier League. Moreover, looking at his heroic dive, there is no doubt that the 51-year-old veteran still got it.

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