WATCH: Travis Scott Spotted With Michael Jordan and Mark Wahlberg Weeks After Tragedy at Concert

The recent incident involving Travis Scott shook the world. During a concert of his, some unfortunate occurrences happened, following which the star wasn’t to be seen. However, he recently reappeared to everyone’s delight, and not by himself. The 30-year-old was spotted with Chicago Bulls icon Michael Jordan, and popular actor Mark Wahlberg. The trio met up at a scenic site, and it also looked like they went for a game of golf.

28 April 2010: NBA great and Charlotte Bobcats owner Michael Jordan during the Pro-Am of the Quail Hollow Championship at Quail Hollow Country Club in Charlotte, North Carolina. (Photo by Chris Keane/Icon SMI/Icon Sport Media via Getty Images)

A 6-time NBA champion, Michael Jordan is one of the sport’s most magnanimous athletes. He is known worldwide, and is a certified global icon. Following his retirement, the 58-year-old has been doing a variety of things. He is an avid businessman, and pops up at tons of events globally. The Charlotte Hornets owner’s most recent appearance however, was an informal one. He was seen alongside the rapper Scott, and ‘The Departed’ star Wahlberg as well.

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EXCLUSIVE: Michael Jordan seen in same location as Travis Scott and Mark Wahlberg

It is a known fact that ‘His Airness’ is a big fan of golf. Recently, the legend has received a lot of bashing from former teammate Scottie Pippen. Yet, even the 7-time All-star has admitted that MJ is a great golfer, and tough to beat. Meanwhile, Scott and Wahlberg are pop icons, and well acquainted with ‘His Airness’. Recently, the trio met up for a pleasant evening.

In some exclusive footage Jordan, Scott and Wahlberg were all seen at the same place. It was the first time Travis Scott was spotted publicly in close to two weeks. The ‘Antidote’ singer was seated at a table, where Wahlberg was also present. Meanwhile, TMZ reports that the singer-rapper also went for a game of golf with stars that included Jordan and Wahlberg. The course was reportedly in South California.

Travis Scott spotted yesterday with Michael Jordan and Mark Wahlberg.

— hy (@TheMindOfHY) November 24, 2021

It is good to see Travis Scott up and about after scenes that would’ve shook him up. Meanwhile, Jordan also happened to be at the same location, albeit planned or unplanned.

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