Black Friday 2021: Most Exciting Nintendo Switch Deals Fans Should Not Miss This Year

Black Friday is known for the outrageous discounts and deals consumers can get. The gaming community in particular looks forward to this time of the year to grab their favorite titles and consoles for the holiday season at an affordable rate. Nintendo Switch players are no exception.

Here are some deals they should keep in mind to get the most out of Black Friday.

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Nintendo Switch Black Friday deals

Monster Hunter Rise

This title is arguably one of the best third-party titles available for the Switch. With consistent updates, it appears the game is still going strong. The title can be purchased from GameStop for $24.99. Against the original price of $39.99, players can save a whole of $15.00. This is one title players need to keep an eye out for.

Nintendo Switch Pro Controller

Players and fans who wish to acquire this fine piece of hardware might need to be a bit patient. Interested parties will need to wait up until Monday to get the most out of this deal. The controller can be purchased at a price of $49.99 on Target. The player will not need to pay the original $69.99 and can save $20.


This phenomenal indie can be purchased at a shockingly affordable price. The game is available at the Nintendo e-shop with a whopping 90% discount. Inside is a puzzling, mysterious creepy but highly enjoyable for the Nintendo Switch

Fire Emblem: Three Houses

This title was available on GameStop for a low price of 26.99 this week. However sadly, the game has long sold out. There is, however, a sliver of hope for those who wish to get their hands on the game. The game is available on Walmart, Amazon, and GameStop for a reasonable price of $35.00. This offers the player a 42% discount.

Paper Mario Origami King

The long-known iconic plumber is back at a very affordable price. Paper Mario Origami King, just like Fire Emblem: Three Houses is available at a discount of 42% priced at $20.00. Fans can get their hands on this title from either GameStop or Walmart.

Doom: Eternal for Nintendo Switch

This gory shooter is witnessing its lowest price ever. The game has an amazing 60% discount and is priced at a low $23.99.

Availing of these deals will allow you to both enjoy these titles and save money.

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