Here’s How Russell Westbrook and His Why Not Foundation Continued Their Long Thanksgiving Tradition

The time to be thankful is here, and as well all know, this is a big holiday for all NBA players. Over the years, we have seen them celebrate in different, unique, and even luxurious ways, either with families or by giving back to the community. However, there is one person who we can always count on to do the latter, and that’s Russell Westbrook.

Every single year on Thanksgiving, without fault, Westbrook’s Why Not Foundation hosts a thanksgiving dinner for all those in need. The foundation that came into being back in 2012, has continued to keep up this tradition and this year was no different.

Here’s what Russell Westbrook did for Thanksgiving


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The task of Russell Westbrook’s foundation is of great value to society. They focus on not only empowering women but also inspiring children. And help them raise questions like ‘Why Not’, instilling a never give up attitude within them. Westbrook might not be the most popular man in the league because of his slow start to the season, but this gesture surely has everyone in awe of him.

Like most years, unfortunately, he could not be present for it in person. But he did post a heartwarming message for everyone who was a part of the successful drive. “Sorry I couldn’t make it this year to our 10th annual foundation give back during Thanksgiving,” he started off.

“Super thankful for everybody that came and supported. Thank you to everyone who helped out. Hope everyone has a blast and a thankful Thanksgiving,” he concluded.

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A detailed insight into his Why Not Foundation

Although short and simple, the slogan ‘Why Not’ came to Westbrook back when he was in high school. “We were just joking around doing silly things in high school, me and my best friend,” said Westbrook. “Jumping off tables, oh why not? Let’s do it, why not? Along the way, we would be in class and the teacher would be like, ‘Who wants to do this paper, this project?’ We’ll do it, why not?”

It was around this time that his self-confidence had started to build up. The way he felt that he could do anything he wanted, was something he wanted for others as well. Hence, the Why Not Foundation came into existence.

For families who look forward to this year-long, Westbrook does complete justice. It’s unfortunate, that he doesn’t get as much recognition that he deserves for how much he gives back to communities. Instead, is being criticized only for his underwhelming performances on the court. It’s time we start focusing on the good, instead of just the bad, isn’t it?

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