‘This is Kinda Hard’: San Francisco 49ers’ Deebo Samuel Reveals His Favorite Thanksgiving Meal

San Francisco 49ers Deebo Samuel could be termed as one of the most versatile offensive weapons in the NFL since he has shown excellence in all aspects of the game. Though majorly being a wide receiver for the Niners, his lone touchdown during his 30-10 win against the Jacksonville Jaguars came while rushing.

His versatility is what makes the 49ers an efficient squad in the field as they run the ball, since he can act as a surprise weapon against the opponents. Although during his telephonic interview with the NFL Network’s Rich Eisen during his show was not much of a surprise to the host.

Favorite side dish of Deebo Samuel

Rich Eisen pulled off a Thanksgiving interview with the Niner receiver as he asked the 19-year-old about what his “favorite Thanksgiving side dish” was. However, Deebo was a bit confused as to what his exact answer should be since he believes there are just “too many of them” to name one in particular.

Rich Eisen interrupted the wideout during his dilemmatic battle of choosing a favorite dish and said, “Matthew Judon just said Mac and Cheese was what trash.” He referred to the Patriots linebacker who was hilariously trolled by Twitter for not liking mac and cheese.

If Deebo Samuel were a sweet potato casserole …. @NinersNation https://t.co/Ai6saXGt63

— Debbie Emery (@debemery) November 25, 2021

And as Rich brought that matter into the interview, Deebo just immediately clicked on it and said, “He never had good macaroni and cheese,” making him say such things about one of his favorite dishes. After a bit of murmur, the wide receiver said that his favorite side dish would be “stuffing and gravy.”

San Francisco 49ers have a cranberry hater in the squad

Rich then immediately jumped to the next question as he asked Deebo what, according to him, would be the most overrated Thanksgiving side dish. Deebo, however, did not spend much time thinking much on this one as he spontaneously replied “the cranberries.”

Trey Lance’s favorite Thanksgiving side dish is Mac & Cheese and Deebo Samuel’s is stuffing and gravy.

Samuel also said cranberries are the most overrated side dish.

Make of this what you will pic.twitter.com/fLBhmBfYZS

— Sterling Bennett (@49ers_Access) November 25, 2021

Furthermore, the host himself backed up the athlete by saying, ” Yeah, I think we’re with you here too.” Subsequently, Rich also exclaimed that he thinks the same way about pumpkin pie. Since he believes he is “not really a pumpkin pie guy.” And with that being said, he asked Deebo if that makes him a problem. Deebo hilariously replied, “Yeah, that’s kinda a problem.”

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