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Walmart and Best Buy Might Save Eager PlayStation 5 Seekers a Trip to the Store

Even after completing a year since its release, Sony’s PlayStation 5 console is one of the most coveted items for gamers in the community. The lack of stocks has made it difficult for people to get a hold of the console, and the restocks don’t last long, and availability remains an issue.

The Black Friday weekend can indeed be a huge sigh of relief for potential buyers as Walmart and Best Buy hint towards online restocks.

#Walmart and #BestBuy are hinting at us for PlayStation 5 restock Online for #BlackFriday

— PlayStation Restock Updates and News (@PS5DropTracker) November 26, 2021

PlayStation 5 buyers glad as Walmart and Best Buy online restocks provide hope

The PlayStation 5, at this point, has become an item worthy of being called “exotic” as retailers are using this opportunity as a chance for buyers to purchase their premium subscriptions. For example, Best Buy has been limiting its PS5 updates only to customers with Best Buy Totaltech membership. This service costs $200 per year and carries additional facilities such as two-day shipping and a warranty period on all products.

Walmart has been doing the same by limiting its PS5 drops to Walmart+ customers. Such premium buyers get early access to features like Black Friday deals, two-day shipping, and more at just $98 per year. Moreover, buyers can also opt for the monthly option which costs $13 per month.

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For now, a new update has arrived on Walmart as online restocks seem to be available for $499, but this soon might go out of stock as well!

In the case of Best Buy, their stocks get depleted as soon as their latest restock takes place. There is no certainty as to when there will be another restock, but for now, the Blu-Ray console is listed for $500 and the Digital Edition is listed at $400.

Other Black Friday Deals at Walmart

Walmart is also offering some great deals on games that it sells as a digital retailer. For Black Friday, it is offering four of the major EA Sports titles for just $26. The titles include popular names such as FIFA 22, Madden NFL 22, NBA 2k22, and NHL 22. This deal will be available for Playstation, Xbox, and Nintendo Switch consoles.

What do you think about the current Black Friday trends in the gaming community? Let us know in the comments.

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