Scottie Pippen: “LeBron James Know He Can Kill You, He Don’t Try To Kill You, That’s Probably Why He Got Such Longevity”

Scottie Pippen talked about LeBron James in a recent interview while promoting his book, Unguarded. Apart from talking about his skills, the one thing Scottie stressed was LeBron’s longevity. James has been in the league for 19 years and has maintained his level throughout.

Pippen said, “It’s amazing to see him still able to have what I see is a full tank. Even though he (LeBron James) got the power and the skill, his biggest attribute is his IQ. He know he can kill you, he don’t try to kill you. That’s part of why he got such longevity.”

LeBron James’s longevity:

It is not easy staying at the top of the NBA with such high competition and LeBron has done it for 19 years. James is playing in his 18th season with only one major injury in all these years! The groin injury during the 2018/19 season kept him out for 17 games, that’s the highest he has ever missed.

“I know how much work I put into my craft, my body, and getting ready to play, so I can go out and do some things that other people still wonder how I can do,” Lebron told Los Angeles Times‘ Dan Woike.

A 25 point season average would be the best for some players but for LeBron James, that is the minimum expectation. Scottie Pippen’s admiration for LeBron James’s longevity is justified as he has played over 60,000 minutes in the NBA including playoffs.

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LeBron’s season so far:

The man is 36 and has no plans of slowing down. James averages 25 points this season with 5.2 rebounds and 6.6 assists per game. Despite his team losing, James hit 30 points against Sacramento. James has dropped phenomenal performances against Indiana Pacers and Houston Rockets bagging 30 and 39 points, respectively. 

LeBron James goes third all-time in made field goals, surpassing Wilt Chamberlain. How else but with a 27, 10, 10 triple double in year 18?

They say Father Time remains undefeated. We’re not so sure

— Sky Sports NBA (@SkySportsNBA) February 5, 2021

James has been part of a major fight during Lakers vs Pistons which led to his ejection. This was only his second ejection during his long career. LeBron’s absence was evident as his team struggled in the games in which he was suspended.

The LA Lakers sit 4th in their division with tricky games against Detroit Pistons and Sacramento Kings coming up.

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