Watch: Crazy Driver Racing a Ferrari against NASCAR Regulars in Regional Series Races

Ferrari is an automobile icon, so much so that the name itself is directly associated with fast cars. The image of the Prancing Horse is synonymous with racing spirit, winning, and heritage. So, perhaps, this is what Doug Barnes Jr. must have in mind when he brought his ‘Ferrari’ out on the track in the Late Model series recently.

But was it really a Ferrari? No, it wasn’t.

Because had it been, it would’ve been quite some news since a Ferrari has never even come close to racing in NASCAR. Barnes only used the image of the iconic Prancing Horse onto his No.88 car at the South Carolina 400.

The 24-year-old driver took the lead late in the race, but after a restart, he was called back. He finished fifth in the race, but he could’ve easily finished in second along with NASCAR regulars like Carson Kvapil and Ty Majeski. Yet this didn’t worry Barnes at all. In fact, he expressed his ‘realistic’ thinking, reflecting on ‘the right result’. 

“You like to think in your mind that you could have fended them off,” Barnes said.

“I know they did a better job of saving tires than I did and that it was probably the right result.”

Why did Barnes Jr. use the Prancing Horse of Ferrari on his car?

This may sound weird, yet very understandable. The reason the Prancing Horse is on the car is simply to create the feel one would get in an actual Ferrari. But Barnes insists they try not to take themselves ‘too seriously.’

He explained they care about winning, but this doesn’t mean life revolves around living and dying with every result.

“When I was younger, I treated every race like it was make or break and it would be the reason I did or didn’t get a phone call from Coach Gibbs. I didn’t understand the business of racing like I do now,” Barnes said.

Perhaps Barnes’ case reflects what the true meaning of racing actually is. Yes, you can have all the fast cars in the world and all your world titles and whatnot. But at its core, in its essence, it’s just about having fun in an automobile against like-minded people.

“I would just encourage any younger racer to remember how much fun this is supposed to be. We’re driving race cars. Don’t take it for granted,” he added.

And one can have just as much fun in a Ferrari as they can have in a ‘Ferrari’.

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