VIDEO: Russian Boxer Confronted Gang of 10, Scored Blazing Fast Knockouts

Russian boxer and martial artist Nicolai Vlasenko reportedly beat down a group of men outside a nightclub for allegedly troubling his wife.

Per reports, Vlasenko was in the bathroom of the club when a group of men tried to drag his wife into the VIP room. A witness recognized one of the men as a petty criminal in the local area. When the bully advised taking the problem outside the club, Vlasenko agreed. It didn’t end well for the gang, as Nicolai Vlasenko neutralized them handily.

Later, CCTV footage showed the entire scene. Vlasenko floored the first man with a left hook to his jaw and a right hook to the second man. The boxer then landed three straight power punches on the third man.

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Russian eyewitness confirms Nicolai Vlasenko’s confrontation with the 10-men gang

Eldar Vinogradoff, 27, clarified the exact happening and detailed how Vlasenko dealt with the gang. Following the actual CCTV footage, the witness’ statement reflected how intense of a brawl it was.

He said, “There were at least 10 of them led by the two who thought they were real big shots.”

“One of them took off his shirt and started squaring up to the boxer, and I don’t think he even knew what hit him when he went down like a nine pin.”

“A second man tried to kick the boxer, and he was floored instantly as well.”

“Then a third man joined in, and he was left staggering and on the point of collapsing after taking three blows to the head and not landing once himself.”

The Russian boxer has also expressed his views via a lawyer. Nicolai Vlasenko’s lawyer has put on a public statement, clarifying his client’s actions. There are no more updates regarding the act. But it was already quite an eventful incident. The Russian fighter is all over the internet because of what happened.

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