‘F*cking Lazy and Horrible’: Lakers Fans Blame LeBron James’ Poor Defense for Loss vs LA Clippers

A matchup between the Los Angeles Lakers and LA Clippers is always much-awaited. The two teams have been rivals from way back and are always striving to one-up the other. However, what is supposed to be two of the best teams facing each other, has become two average teams struggling to grab wins and improve their record ready to face off. And if it could get any worse, LeBron James could not help the purple and gold in any way. As usual, fans took advantage of it and just had to bash him on Twitter.

LeBron James fails to step up for the Lakers

LeBron James faced quite the debacle a few days ago. He entered the league’s health and safety protocols and missed the game against Sacramento Kings, only to realize that it was a false alarm. It was thanks to Anthony Davis‘ updates on the superstar that had everyone doubting whether Bron actually needed to be benched for 10 days or not.

His possible absence had Lakers fans all riled up. Well, he obviously brings out the best in his teammates and his presence mostly always improves their chances at winning a game, no matter what others say. However, he really made everyone question his competence while playing the LA Clippers.

From being unable to defend pick-and-rolls to being overly committed to getting steals, is only giving his opponents more open shots. And at first, he was at least trying to make it up offensively but that also went down the drain in the second half. His inability to keep the defense intact drew plenty of criticism on Twitter and here’s what they had to say.

Lakers not winning nothing with the way Lebron play defense

— Lord Rome (@RomeWick) December 4, 2021

Lebron has been a statue on defense tonight

— Baba Yaga (@JelanoReid) December 4, 2021

Reggie Jackson who was out of the league three seasons ago has bitched Lebron and AD multiple times this game if you’re wondering how the defense going.

— CRPYCRS/INULTIL (@fakeaf_) December 4, 2021

Lebron isn’t playing any defense and then he holds the ball for 20 seconds on offense… come on bro please play some d

— brodiesgoat (@brodiesgoatt) December 4, 2021

LeBron can’t gamble like that when he’s the backline guy. AK

— Kamenetzky Brothers (@KamBrothers) December 4, 2021


Lebron defense is fucking lazy and horrible tonight

— . (@_FastCashRee) December 4, 2021

lebron sorry asf on defense tonight..

— Jaylon McClinton 牛逼 (@JayPrime_7) December 4, 2021

Carmelo playing better drop defense than Lebron what is going on man

— Kemba to Cleveland (@FreeMalikMonk) December 4, 2021

Lebron just looks desperate on defense.

— Ryan Nagle (@CoachTA13) December 4, 2021

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 LA Clippers end up with the victory

Dec 3, 2021; Los Angeles, California, USA; Los Angeles Lakers forward Anthony Davis (3) guards Los Angeles Clippers center Ivica Zubac (40) in the first half of the game at Staples Center. Mandatory Credit: Jayne Kamin-Oncea-USA TODAY Sports

Winning this matchup is all about establishing territory. Who is the better LA team? While the answer is quite subjective, this game probably helped many people choose their answers. Despite forming a super team this offseason, the Lakers have not been able to defeat the easiest of teams. So, any expectations against the Clippers were already nonexistent.

On top of that, the Clippers managed to keep their rivals on their toes throughout. They grabbed a lead in the fourth quarter which they didn’t let go of and it was game over at 119-115. Bron ended the night with a meager 23 points, while Davis had 27. Yet, it wasn’t enough to hold them off. Perhaps, LBJ really does need to buck up if they want to even make the playoffs this season.

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