Wayne Lineker, 59, hospitalised for knee surgery and jokes he’s ‘high as a kite’

WAYNE Lineker worried fans as he posted from his hospital bed after undergoing knee surgery.

The Celebs Go Dating star joked he was as “high as a kite” after getting a “titanium knee to go with his titanium shoulder”.

Wayne Lineker posted from his hospital bed

The 59-year-old posted a video telling fans: “I had a partial knee replacement. I’ve just checked and my leg is still there. So I think it went successfully.

“I’m buzzing. I feel like I just want to go out.

“They asked if I wanted a drink, I said ‘yes a vodka red bull please’. But they said no.

“I might come back and get the other knee done next week.

“It’s absolutely great isn’t it. I’m as high as a kite.”

Earlier this year, the Ibiza legend was “romantically seeing” reality star Chloe Ferry after faking an engagement.

The pair left fans confused when they revealed they were “engaged” in a joke post.

Instagram / Wayne LinekerWayne said he was ‘romantically seeing’ Chloe Ferry[/caption]

Instagram / Wayne LinekerThe pair pretended they were engaged last month[/caption]

However, Wayne later said he was “seeing” his 25-year-old Celebs Go Dating co-star – who he called his “celebrity crush”.

But their romance didn’t last long. The Sun revealed she is now dating hunky Johnny Wilbo four months after her split with Hollyoaks star Owen Warner.