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Lewis Hamilton’s New York Penthouse Sells for a Record Amount: Price, Features, Value & Pictures

A few days and one result away from becoming inarguably the greatest Formula 1 driver ever, Lewis Hamilton won a title off track. The title is of the biggest property sale this year in New York. The Briton recently sold one of his penthouses in the Tribeca neighbourhood for $49.5 million.

This sale eclipsed the previous, $49 million penthouse sale at 421 Broome St. It also outshines the $45 million sale of the penthouse in The Jenga Tower building at 56 Leonard St.

Hamilton’s penthouse was in a building that used to be a bookbinding factory in the 19th century. And the seven-time world champion wasn’t the only big name who owned property in that building.

The list of residents includes Jake Gyllenhaal, Rebel Wilson, The Weekend, Meg Ryan, Justin Timberlake, Jessica Biel and Harry Styles. The penthouse came with a private outdoor pool, which isn’t very practical in New York. But it’s there anyway, because why not?

The Mercedes driver never lived in this penthouse. But had he done so, he’d have had access to three floors that included a glass-walled terrace. The property contains five bedrooms, six bathrooms and two powder rooms.

Moreover, there are internal stairs, a 20-foot great room, a library with a gas fireplace and a private elevator.

A total of 3400 square feet of outdoor space is included in the massive 8900 square feet area of the entire property.

Did Lewis Hamilton sell the property for a profit or a loss?

The theme from Hamilton’s professional life of winning carried itself into his personal life, or much rather, the investment part of his life. The highest-paid driver in Formula 1, bought the penthouse for $40.7 million.

But he listed it on sale in February 2019, for an asking price of $40.9 million.

No potential buyer matched the number, but now the property has sold for $49.5 million. This means, although he could not get the original asking price, two years later, Hamilton has made over $10 million in profit on this property.

With one race remaining in the current season, Lewis Hamilton is tied on points with his rival, Max Verstappen. Winning the title this year would mean he would have a record eight championship titles, more than anyone in history ever has, or probably ever will.

And one can assume, he could spend some of his return on investment money of $10 million on the celebrations.

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