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Rumors: Peyton Manning Barred From Speaking to New England Patriots QB Mac Jones

A week of NFL football is incomplete without the Monday night Manning Cast. To prepare for the show, Peyton Manning usually calls the quarterback of the team playing that week. Every football player, coach, and legend wants to get in on the action of the broadcast. One footballer who does not seem eager to be featured on the Manning Cast is Mac Jones.

Why was Jones not allowed to appear on the Peyton Manning Cast? 

In the first quarter of the program, Peyton Manning explains the reason why the quarterback wasn’t featured. Manning said that the New England Patriots were trying to keep Jones focused and limit all sorts of distractions.

Peyton Manning then told us what he said to the rookie quarterback, “I said, ‘No problem.’ I called Stacey; he was very professional. I said, ‘Stacey, I’m talking to Coach Belichick. Can I talk to Mac Jones?’ 

Manning then explained why Mac Jones was not allowed to do any PR. “I gotta tell you, I appreciate how they’re handling Mac Jones. They are trying to protect him, give him as few off-the-field distractions as possible, let him concentrate on playing football.”

Pats are keeping Mac locked in.

— B/R Gridiron (@brgridiron) December 8, 2021

Being a legendary quarterback himself, Manning appreciated how the Patriots were trying to keep their QB focused on the game. They are just trying to protect him and make sure he doesn’t get distracted often. It could affect his game. Apparently, Mac Jones is the only current quarterback to who Peyton Manning hasn’t had the opportunity to talk. Are Patriots protecting Jones from Manning? 

Mac Jones explains why he didn’t talk to Manning

On Tuesday, Jones made an appearance on WEEI in Boston. In that show, when asked why he declined to talk to Manning, he said, “I texted him, and I’m not gonna get into details, but I think we were just trying to focus on the game,” Jones adds, “The Patriots do a great job of just helping me focus on what I need to be focusing on. I always liked that in college, too.”

Mac Jones also explained that he lives a busy lifestyle. It is not to have a social life when you play for a team like the Patriots. 

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