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How to get Covid pass into Apple Wallet as new Omicron restrictions come into effect

THE NHS app has a knack for crashing, which isn’t ideal when you’ll need it a lot more to get into clubs, football grounds and other venues.

From Wednesday 15 December, those in England will need to show their vaccine passport or a recent negative lateral flow test, or they won’t be allowed in.

PAYou shall not pass[/caption]

This applies to unseated places inside with more than 500 people, useated venues outside with more than 4,000 people and any venue with more than 10,000 people.

You can get a paper letter version, but most people go with the app.

The problem is, the app has crashed in the past meaning the QR code to prove vaccine status failed to load.

Just hours after Boris Johnson announced Plan B Covid rules the app crashed this week.

But there is another way you can keep your vaccine passport on your phone that won’t risk online crashes.

You can add it to your phone’s virtual wallet, where it’ll be saved offline.

Plus, it’s a lot more convenient.

Warning, the QR codes do expire after a month though, so be prepared to go through the steps again to renew it at some point.

Remember, you also need to register an account with the NHS, which isn’t approved instantly, so don’t leave it until the night you’re going out.

How to add the Covid Pass onto the Apple Wallet

From an iPhone, you’ll need to download and install the NHS app.

Open the app, sign in and select NHS COVID Pass.

Next you need to tap Domestic.

The QR code will then appear – hit the button beneath it which says Add to Apple Wallet.

The pass will then show as a blue card. Tap Add at the top right.

Then it’s done.

To bring up your COVID Pass within the wallet each time, just double click the main button on the side of your iPhone and select it.

How to add the Covid Pass on an Android phone

Download and install the NHS app from the Google Play Store.

Open the app, sign in and select NHS COVID Pass.

Next you need to tap Domestic.

The QR code will then appear – hit the button beneath it which says GPay Save to phone.

Then tap Continue below the blue card.

Scroll to the bottom of the terms and conditions and select I agree.

Tap Next.

Tap Add shortcut.

Tap Add to home screen.

It’ll then appear as its own icon to select from your phone’s home screen.

Covid Passes in other nations

If you live in Wales you cannot use the NHS App to get an NHS Covid Pass, and you must log in via the NHS website.

If you are in Scotland, you can access your Covid Status through the free NHS Scotland Covid Status app on a mobile device.

In Northern Ireland, you can use the free COVIDCert NI Mobile App.

GettyRule changes come into for England from Wednesday[/caption]

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