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What does UwU mean?

INTERNET and texting lingo has become so common, we find ourselves adapting it in our every day vocabulary.

Certain phrases present a unique way to express ourselves, while abbreviations and faces are a quick messaging shortcut.

UwU is one of many online expressions used to express a joyful mood

What does UwU mean?

In Internet slang and texting lingo, the UwU emoticon is used when the texter is experiencing an extra cute moment.

UrbanDictionary defined UwU as: “The feeling you get of too much cuteness or an overwhelming feeling of happiness, kinda like fangirl/boying.”

Other site definitions include: “A texting emoticon used to show cuteness but also is sin to the internet world. It is basically banned worldwide never use in any circumstances unless you want to be attacked.”

If one is experiencing sentimental feelings, UwU is the emoticon for them.

How is UwU used?

At first glance, UwU might confuse online users.

Some say it looks like an acronym such as LOL, idk (I don’t know), or ttyl (talk to you later).

It’s not actually an acronym, but a group of letters that make a face.

Examples of similar emoticons are =D, XD, and :L.

When did UwU gain popularity?

It’s difficult to pinpoint when exactly UwU gained prominence in texting lingo.

Hunting down UwU’s origin is almost like deep searching for the start of LOL’s popularity.

Although, UwU did notably circulate among anime fans prior to hitting mainstream Internet lingo.

For an accurate description of witnessing a sweet moment, UwU is your go to.

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