Activision CEO Pips EA In New List Of Richest Gaming CEOs Despite Recent Struggles

Activision is a video game developer that has almost completely dominated the industry. Its success can be attributed to a lot of games and franchises such as the Call of Duty franchise. The franchise is a juggernaut in the industry and with each iteration of the series, Activision breaks records. In fact, it seems like Activision is doing so well that Bobby Kotick, Activision’s CEO, is the second-highest-paid CEO in the video game industry.

Occupying the second spot on the list of the highest-paid CEOs, Bobby Kotick had to defeat a lot of other CEOs from other companies. Among the CEOs he beat is Andrew Wilson, the CEO of EA.

Activision CEO second-highest-paid in gaming

Games One has compiled a report wherein the CEO came second on the list. Games One has also provided a metric through which it has measured these salaries. According to Games One, “Publicly-traded companies are owned by shareholders, who elect the board of directors, who select the CEO. The board is responsible for compensation, and their decisions are ratified by shareholder vote. The list is democracy in action.”

The list features the salaries, bonuses, benefits, and stocks each CEO receives.

While Activision is massive, it has indeed gone through its fair share of struggles and hardships. With the recent turmoil the company has seen regarding games like Warzone, it is commendable that the company itself and the CEO are doing so well.

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Call of Duty is not in the best shape

Call of Duty is not in the best shape state. Call of Duty Modern Warfare, Call of Duty Vanguard, and Call of Duty Vanguard are plagued by issues that are downright breaking the game. Hacking is another common issue that makes playing the game undesirable.

Due to the inclusion of glitched skins in Warzone, players have turned invisible, something that is again ruining the game. The good thing is the devs have issued an apology and have said that they are working on the issues across the aforementioned 3 COD titles.

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