Banned Twitch Streamer JiDion Shares His True Feelings On Raging Controversy Involving Pokimane

Twitch streamer JiDion has been facing a lot of heat on social media platforms following his controversial incident involving one of the purple platform’s biggest streamers, Pokimane.

Following his ban from the streaming platform, JiDion has provided has attempted to clear the air and provided some clarification along with his side of the story. Continue reading to find out what the temporarily banned streamer had to say.

On a serious note imma take this L cause what I did really was TOS lol, but that comeback stream is gonna be something pressure! Love y’all boys, banger dropping Sunday

— JiDion (@Jidion6) January 13, 2022

JiDion speaks up about the Pokimane debacle

If you have not kept up with the recent happenings in the streaming world, JiDion was banned from Twitch for 14 days due to his hate raid on Pokimane’s latest live stream on January 12, 2022. The platform also held JiDion responsible for his own and his fans’ actions on Imane Anys’s stream.

The harassment by JiDion’s viewers was deplorable, leading to a massive inconvenience for Pokimane and her fans, who were sent sexist and hateful remarks. You can read more about the same in the link embedded below.

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In the aforementioned tweet, JiDion accepts his ban, as his actions were clearly against the Terms of Service (TOS). That said, he did not have much of a choice, as Twitch is extremely careful with how such incidents are dealt with.

Respect all women boys but, if it’s a penis or a Vagina disrespecting you you have the right to stand up for your self cause at the end of the day we’re all equal!

— JiDion (@Jidion6) January 14, 2022

Earlier today, JiDion suggested he will “defend” himself despite facing a massive backlash from the streaming community. Many popular streamers took to Twitter to voice their thoughts on the situation. And the situation does not seem to be in JiDion’s favor.

I’m not like these other YouTubers imma defend myself when someone lies on me!!! My dislike for her has nothing to do with her gender but her as a person, don’t get the two confused!!!!

— JiDion (@Jidion6) January 14, 2022

Interestingly, although he does not say what he did was right, he does say what he did “has nothing to do with her gender but her as a person.” He attempted to explain that his disliking of Pokimane is purely based on her as a person. But there’s no telling what the future holds for JiDion now.

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JiDion reveals un-ban plans

Now, JiDion has said he does not wish to continue down the same line saying, “I don’t like petty JiDion.” He also revealed that he will publicly be speaking after his ban comes to cease.

I don’t like petty JiDion see y’all on twitch in 13 days. I don’t need this attention to grow I got y’all boys. Gonna speak to the Pogger community when I’m unbanned until then we back to where we started

— JiDion (@Jidion6) January 14, 2022

When questioned about his actions and an apology on Twitter, JiDion stated, “I sometimes get carried away but I’ll be man enough to admit that I’ll make a full statement on my twitch once it’s back up.” He also said, “Speaking thru text doesn’t have the same impact I’m down to wait 2 weeks to talk this thru,” to another Twitterati.

What’s your take on the situation? Let us know in the comments below.

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