Booker T Sides With AEW President Tony Khan Over Goldberg and Jade Cargill Comparison: “I Can’t See Eric Bischoff Upset With Another Promoter”

Booker T can be spotted at Raw Talk, the WWE Pre-Show panel at a PPV, and sometimes even at the commentary table since his retirement from in-ring action. Also, Booker T features on various interviews and podcasts outside WWE, where he talks about wrestling and the new generation of wrestlers joining the industry in the current wrestling era.

Similarly, on his latest appearance in The Hall of Fame podcast with Booker T and Brad Gilmore, he was discussing what’s going in wrestling. 

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Brad asked Booker about his opinion on AEW president Tony Khan addressing Jade Cargill as the next Goldberg. Why was Eric Bischoff upset with Tony Khan after this comparison? 

Booker said, “Damnit, since when somebody cannot have an opinion. If that’s Tony Khan’s opinion, that’s his opinion. I can have an issue or anything like that and me personally that’s why I am having really hard grasping this because I can’t see Eric Bischoff being upset with another promoter, promoting his company and saying man Imma compare it this or compare to that.”

Booker T was confident that there was no reason for Bischoff to be upset with Tony. Tony is just promoting AEW superstars. Jade Cargill is one of the best talents in AEW right now and Tony is just promoting his best talents to the fans. 

Booker T says Jade Cargill can draw money for AEW. 

Jade Cargill is a fitness model turned professional wrestler. She made her debut in November 2020. However, her in-ring debut was in March 2021 teaming up with Shaq O’ Neil against Cody Rhodes and Red Velvet. It was her first-ever pro-wrestling match. She is the current and first TBS champion in AEW.  

Later in the podcast, Brad asked what Booker T thinks about Jade Cargill.

Booker T said, “I mean come on, she is a specimen. She is something we have never seen before and the thing is… whether you think she can wrestle or jump off the top rope whatever, you wanna buy tickets just to see her… When I see Jade Cargill, I see we can draw money here and then we can teach her the ins and outs, do’s and don’t’s, the small bit of things about this business. Man we can really do something.”

Booker T thinks Tony comparing her with Goldberg is not 100% spot-on, but both have a similar path of entering the industry. Like Goldberg, Cargill right now looks impressive, is young, and has a willingness to learn more about the business. She wants to be the best in AEW and the business.  

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Could the rise of Jade Cargill be the “it” factor needed for the Women’s division in AEW? Her dominant persona will get the attention of fans towards the AEW women’s division. She will be alongside some of the best women’s wrestlers in AEW, like Britt Baker, Thunder Rosa, Ruby Soho, etc.

What’s your take on Booker’s comments?

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