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Everything You Need to Know About GameStop’s Exclusive PlayStation 5 Restock Today

PlayStation 5 has been highly successful since its release. In fact, it seems to be doing very well. However, what with scalpers and chip shortages, this acclaimed console is short in supply. In fact, players need to keep an eye out for restocks so that they can purchase them. GameStop is all set to have its restock today and here is all you need to know about it!

Gamestop’s PlayStation 5 restock

Jake Randall is an insider in the console industry. He keeps a tab on all plausible restocks. In fact, his predictions and numbers are so accurate that they are being used as credible news for restocks. He recently took to a Tweet to inform fans about the upcoming restocks.

Here is the exact PS5 bundle and price GameStop will be selling in stores tomorrow. This is posted on the doors of participating stores now.

To find a participating store near you enter your zip code on GameStop’s official page for the event here:

— Jake Randall (@Jake_Randall_YT) (@Jake_Randall_YT) January 14, 2022

The leaker also added a link where interested people could find out whether or not their local store has got a restock, depending on the ZIP code.

It appears that the console is not available for sale as a unit. It is only stocked with a bundle for retail. However, the bundle contains some decent titles that could be well received. In this bundle, players will get the console, a controller charging station, 3 titles, and a GameStop gift card.

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Console restocks have been a common occurrence. Even after a year of its release in November 2020, a significant chunk of the community is unable to get their hands on the console. It is quite a shame considering that the console is very well received.

Alongside shortages, players and fans have to deal with the menace of scalpers. These scalpers mass produce units via bots and hoard them. The consoles will then be found on platforms such as eBay for exorbitant prices.

The console shortage is also attributed to the global chip shortage that shook the world in 2020. Even industries like the automobile industry were impacted heavily.

It is quite clear the chip shortage issue is here to stay awhile longer. That said, fans of gaming still hope that restocks will happen more often in 2022.

Do you have a PS5? Let us know in the comments section below.

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