Fortnite Chapter 3 Season 1: Where Can Fans Find the Malfunctioning Vending Machine?

Epic Games not too long ago brought to its players the new chapter 3 of the Battle Royale title, Fortnite. The studio once again flipped the game on its head, adding groundbreaking things that fans had never seen before. For the first time ever, the Battle Royale title saw the addition of the ADS feature (Aim down sight). Instead of mainly firing from the hip, gamers can now use ads to track enemies with greater accuracy.

Staying true to the weekly and daily quest system added with Season 5 of chapter 2, developers have brought forward another strange quest. This time, gamers are being asked to locate a malfunctioning vending machine that is situated somewhere on the island.

Here’s how you can complete this questline by finding the exact location of the machine on the Chapter 3 map.

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The exact location of the malfunctioning vending machine in Chapter 3 of Fortnite

Well, new quest lines and XP boosts have always been a prevalent aspect of the Battle Royale title. Every passing week, the studio updates the title with a brand new list of quests. Similarly, the daily quest also gets reset every single day, providing more ways to earn the XP boost.
In this week’s questline, players will have to locate the broken vending machine. Here’s how to do that.

Finding the vending machine

Head to the north section of the map and mark Coney Crossroads on it. This is the destination that you need to reach in order to find the vending machine. Use the roadways to reach the southern section of the area and start inspecting every single vending machine. You need to interact with the red machine, which will offer your random items.
If you fail to find this machine in Coney Crossroads, then head to the nearby point of interest in Sleepy Sound. This place will contain the machine and allow you to complete your quest easily.
The story of Fortnite has brought the island and its inhabitants back to the chosen Seven. The threat of the alien invasion has been destroyed, but the island is far from being a safe place. Where will the storyline take the game? Fans will have to wait for upcoming seasons to find out all the answers.

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