“He’s Not My Favorite” – Ex-Girlfriend Tana Mongeau Opens Up on Her Bond With Jake Paul

Jake Paul is one of the most commendable boxing stars in modern times. The YouTuber enjoyed a terrific 2021 with three boxing wins in total. Out of all, his KO win over Tyron Woodley made a statement and since then, Paul has rightly been making waves. Apart from this, the 24-year-old also made headlines with his personal life and relationships.

Talking about relationships, Jake Paul these days is relishing his bond with lady love, Julia Rose.

However, Paul had a string of relationships in the past and he often came in the news with every girl he dated. One such relationship he shared was with Tana Mongeau. Recently, the latter was in a chat with Howie Mandel. Here, she opened up on Jake Paul and her bond.

She said, “Well, I mean Jake, he’s not my favorite, you know. We don’t, we’re not, we don’t, we’re we don’t talk. We don’t, really.”

“Yeah, it is. I mean I but every Pam, Greg, Logan, all of them great. I love that, and it’s not that Jake‘s a bad person. Like you know, he did so much for me and like I learned so f**kin much about what I do and s**t like that era of time was so fun and so iconic. It’s just, I don’t know.”

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Jake Paul and Tana Mongeau began dating each other in 2019, and they kept a public relationship. The couple made headlines with their marriage, but they separated a few months later.

Did Jake Paul really marry Tana Mongeau?

Jake Paul shook everyone when the news of his marriage with Tana Mongeau surfaced all over. However, he was quick enough to clarify that this wedding was fake.

Now, Jake Paul is keenly focused on his boxing run and he’s looking to go even big in 2022.

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Paul has the backing of tons of casual fans who’re excited to see what he does with his career in ‘Sweet Science’. That said, ‘The Problem Child’ is rightly managing his personal life, and love life to keep his focus on track.

What do you draw off Tana Mongeau’s above comments?

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