John Cena Details Being a Producer for Peacemaker Series: “It Was Their Way of Saying, ‘We’re Investing in You’”

From being the top guy in WWE for over a decade to making a name for himself in Hollywood in a short time, John Cena has done it all.

The former WWE champion has embarked on a successful Hollywood journey, starting from the Fast and Furious franchise to making it big on streaming platforms. Cena has done it all.

Cena’s performance in the Suicide Squad franchise was received so well by the audience that the director, James Gunn, offered him an opportunity to make a solo series on Cena’s character, called The Peacemaker.

Eventually, this opportunity let Cena get into the world of behind-the-scenes action because James Gunn trusted the former WWE champion with his creativity.

Speaking on ‘The Pat McAfee‘ podcast, the 16-time world champion noted how James Gunn trusted him with some managerial roles while shooting the movie.

“I learned a little bit about budget. Learned a whole hell of a lot about COVID protocol, daily schedule. I was in my first post mortem meeting. I Learned about their game plan.”

Cena also noted that he was in and out of group meetings and it was there when he learned a ton about what happens behind the scenes during a movie.

I got to pretty much sit in the coach’s corner so to speak and learn from people with a sh*t ton of wisdom. So I really think it was their way of saying ‘we’re investing in you’, which made me feel great.” Cena said.

Apart from The Peacemaker, Cena is involved in other Hollywood projects. However, the WWE Universe is still wondering when will their champ return to the squared circle.

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Will John Cena return?

Cena’s last match in WWE was against the reigning WWE Universal Champion Roman Reigns at the SummerSlam PPV. However, the fans are still wondering when the former champ will show up.

Interestingly, Cena recently admitted to having a ‘never say never‘ attitude when it comes to wrestling. This is an indication from Cena that one day the fans might see the former champion get back in the ring.

Cena has successfully transitioned to a full-time Hollywood actor and every time he’ll come back to the ring, he will bring in a wave of emotions.

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