Toto Wolff Announces Time of Lewis Hamilton Meeting With a Subtle Dig at His Antics in Abu Dhabi

Mercedes boss Toto Wolff will next meet Lewis Hamilton in February at the earliest. The F1 star has been away from the social media glare since the colossal blow in Abu Dhabi. The 2021 F1 season was arguably the most exciting season we have seen in a long time but it ended with a lot of controversies. Hamilton looked furious over developments during the Safety car period, even calling the race “manipulated”.

The F1 community has widely scrutinized the role of race director Masi. Mercedes boss Toto Wolff shunned all the channels of communication with the Aussie after the race, and many even wanted him gone. However, things were not all bad for the Silver Arrows when the sun settled on 12th December in Abu Dhabi.

The team won their 8th consecutive championship continuing their unprecedented dominance since 2014. Team boss Wolff and outgoing driver Valtteri Bottas celebrated the night in the Abu Dhabi club with drinks and slow jams. Wolff recently took a reference of that party while announcing his next meet with the star driver.

MELBOURNE, AUSTRALIA – Lewis Hamilton of Great Britain and Mercedes GP, Valtteri Bottas of Finland and Mercedes GP and Mercedes GP Executive Director Toto Wolff talk on stage at the F1 Live event during previews ahead of the F1 Grand Prix of Australia at Melbourne Grand Prix Circuit in Melbourne, Australia. (Photo by Charles Coates/Getty Images)

Wolff will meet Lewis Hamilton in February

There have been dark clouds over the Brackley teams’ future ever since the Abu Dhabi disarray cost Lewis Hamilton his 8th title. The drastic events have pushed the champion driver into isolation with uncertainly over his continuance in F1. Many F1 insiders have contributed to this debate but there are no conclusive answers as yet.

The latest news in this segment was from the FIA President. He informed the press that the British star was not responding to his messages. In a recent interview quoted by SoyMotor, Wolff talked about his next meeting with the star driver. The Austrian jokingly added that his plans for that meet do not include tequila as he has had a lot of it in Abu Dhabi.

“At the latest, we will meet again in February, and of course, it will not be to drink tequila. I had enough of that in Abu Dhabi,” said the Austrian boss.

Wolff has said on multiple occasions that he desperately wants the Briton to continue. However, he is not sure of what Hamilton’s final call would be. “I really hope we see Lewis back in Formula 1, as he’s the most important part of our sport. It would be an accusation for the entire category if the best driver decided to leave due to scandalous decisions,” he added.

However, now the time for a concrete decision is close. With around a month left for the winter testing, fans are eagerly waiting for Sir Lewis’ return to the grid for more rounds of intense title fights. What is your prediction about the same?

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