What is Instagram’s ‘Posts You’ve Seen’ feature and how do you find it?

INSTAGRAM has a new feature that lets users keep track of all of the different posts and profiles you’ve viewed while endlessly scrolling.

It’s been designed to stop you from losing those precious photos that you might have only glimpsed at but may want to find again.

Instagram shows posts out of time order, so this feature might help you locate lost photosAlamy

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What is Instagram’s ‘Posts You’ve Seen’ feature?

The app moves at a fast pace, so Instagram seemingly wants to make it easier to keep track of the content you enjoy.

The feature was first spotted by social media consultant and Instagram boffin Matt Navarra, with help from tech site WABetaInfo.

Instagram’s feature is an answer to a problem that has long plagued the app.

When Instagram displayed posts in time order, it was easy to find posts you’d previously seen – just by scrolling down.

But now Instagram shows posts based on an algorithm, taking them out of time order.

This means you can glimpse a post, and then struggle to find it again later.

Similarly, you might end up on someone’s profile and forget to follow them, only to find yourself searching for them again down the line.

The “Posts You’ve Seen” feature would keep a track of photos, videos and profiles you’d viewed, displaying them in a list.

If you have it, it’ll appear between Saved and Shopping Bag in your Instagram settings.

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