Xbox and PlayStation Fans Engage in Massive Debate Following Fresh Xbox One Revelation

If you have been a long-time Xbox fan, then you probably already know about the one Xbox console that didn’t do as well as the others. The console in question is the Xbox One. It was not the best product that the developers had made, and it failed to see the same success that the Xbox 360 had enjoyed at its peak.

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The software giant has now reported that it will no longer offer any variant of Xbox One to gamers. According to a report by Verge, the gaming giant solely wants to shift its focus on producing the next generation consoles in Series X/S. On the contrary, its direct competitor, Sony, is doubling on the production of PS4 in 2022 despite having released PS5.

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Twitter reacts to Xbox and Sony taking polar opposite decisions

Usually, competitors study one another and make decisions that can generate more revenue. Xbox’s decision to discontinue the previous generation of consoles will serve a greater purpose.

Console makers usually don’t make a profit in the initial days of releasing consoles. The devices become profitable in the longer run, as more titles and much-needed exclusives are rolled out. And Xbox didn’t do a great job when it comes to sales.

This is the reason why MS discontinued xbox one

— Be honest (@0WhoamItellme0) January 13, 2022

Xbox’s community is happy to see the older generation consoles take a backseat, as the hype is currently around Series X/S consoles.

Xbox really is issuing some absolute bangers when it comes to marketing. From Microsoft indirectly referencing “ponies” yesterday to a reiteration of the Xbox One’s being discontinued given yesterday’s news, it’s pretty funny honestly.

— Matt (@GamemasterYado) January 13, 2022

Meanwhile, some people seem to think Sony doubling down on the production of PS4 is a mistake. This will not push the next-gen of gaming forward and it will certainly not help PS5 acquire a special place in the market.

And Sony has brilliant strategy to bring PS5 owners back to PS4 era and forget about SSD magic and generations and shit

— GIN (@GIN_XSX) January 13, 2022

The ongoing issue with the world has definitely impacted the production in every industry. This fan backed Sony’s decision to produce more PS4 consoles, as the shortage of raw material is impacting PS5’s production as well.

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Okay and people slighting Sony for doing more PS4s, really they don’t have a choice cause there is literally a “shortage epidemic” everywhere from printers to cars to other stuff. Don’t knock Sony on this shortage issue, it’s a global problem.

— Paul Christen (@P_Christen1) January 13, 2022

PlayStation fan predicts Series X/S will have a similar fate as One, and it won’t be pretty. PS4 definitely won the previous generation of the console war, but PS5 and Series X/S are in a league of their own.

Not surprised.
Unlike ps4, the xone didn’t sell
Much like the series s

— KingForToday (@DGDPurpleReign) January 13, 2022

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PlayStation consoles have performed remarkably over the years, but the issue of insufficient titles is haunting the PS5. Xbox fans are calling out Sony and its community for only offering remastered titles and not adding anything of value.

fanboys on Sonys side were preaching playstion for “next gen only” etc and slamming Xbox for BC and cross gen games with Xbox one. Now Sony have nothing but directors cuts, remasters and are now continuing production and support of the PS4 into 2023

— DrowsyKeroX (@MrRiceGuy2) January 13, 2022

Sony has indeed backtracked on its promises to focus solely on the next-gen devices, and some fans are not too pleased as PS4 remains a point of focus even in 2022.

So Sony was talking complete BS yesterday about the shortage forcing them to make more PS4s instead of PS5s?

— Edwin De Paz (@EdwinDePizza) January 13, 2022

Yes, indeed, both firms are dealing with the crisis of shortage, but the difference in their responses is quite puzzling.

No, both companies are dealing with shortages. Why are you all reading into this like it’s a bad thing for Sony?

— Kurt Burns (@moparful99) January 14, 2022

Who do you think is winning the console war when it comes to the next-gen era? Do you support Xbox or Sony? Be sure to share your thoughts in the comment section below.

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