Can F1 Cars Drive in the Snow?

Formula One cars are some of the fastest cars one can drive in the world. The amount of downforce they generate basically means they can be driven upside down in a tunnel.

The racing community is well aware that F1 cars can zip around the track in wet weather, as they have intermediate and wet tire compounds to tackle the challenges the weather throws at them. However, many wonder if F1 cars can handle the snow. Without further ado, let’s see how F1 cars are modified to drive on snow.

Can Formula One cars handle the snow?

The Formula One community has seen on a number of occasions that F1 cars do manage to find some grip when they zip around a wet track. Sometimes, the rain can be so harsh that drivers find themselves sliding across the track.

But, is that the same when they push the limits of the car in snowy conditions? Unsurprisingly, there have to be some modifications done to the car in order for it to handle itself on such terrains.

Firstly, the Formula One car needs to be equipped with wet compound tires (blue). Additionally, all four tires on the car need to be wrapped with chains, in order to get more grip as they zip around the track.

However, there would still be some problems, mostly considering grip. Even in wet weather, teams choose to put on the intermediate or wet compounds and still find themselves sliding across the track. Hence, it won’t be so different when the same F1 car is put to a test when they have to push the limit in snowy conditions.

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Apart from the PR stunts, there have been times where drivers had to take part in F1 testing during snowy conditions. One such time was back in 2005 at the Silverstone circuit where Fernando Alonso was doing some test with Renault. Additionally, there has was also snow at the Barcelona circuit back at the 2003 F1 testing session.

Do you think we will see a Grand Prix weekend where F1 drivers have to push themselves in snowy conditions to get ahead of their rivals? Let us know what you think in the comments section down below.

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