I ordered a dress from PLT for my brother’s wedding, when it arrived it looked NOTHING like the pictures online

FINDING the perfect dress for a sibling’s wedding is a daunting task.

So when Emily came upon what seemed to be the perfect gown to wear to her brother’s nuptials, she couldn’t have been more thrilled.

@emilyrodriguee/TiktokEmily was less than impressed when the dress she ordered from Pretty Little Thing arrived looking completely different to the one online[/caption]

Emily shared an image of what the dress was meant to look like

However, after placing an order for the Pretty Little Thing dress, Emily was left disappointed when it arrived – and looked absolutely nothing like the pictures online.

“My brother’s wedding’s coming up so I’m like, I need a pretty dress, right? So I ordered this,” she began.

Showing a shot of the Pretty Little Thing dress as it looks online, Emily added: “Stunning, shiny, perfect for a fall wedding.”

However, she then moved backwards to show the dress she’d been sent – matte, moss green and almost entirely different to the outfit online.

“This is what I got,” she sighed. “What is this? I couldn’t even zip it all the way!”

Viewers were quick to comment on the video, with one exclaiming: “That’s not even the same type of dress.”

“I’m sorry this is so funny,” someone else added.

One viewer wasn’t a fan of either of the dresses, writing: “Girl the dress online is ugly and so is the one you got like what were you thinking.”

Emily later returned to TikTok to share a video of the dress she’d actually chosen to wear to the wedding – a stunning dark green velvet number.

“After this catastrophe I had to find another dress for the wedding, so I just wore something I already had,” she told viewers, before showing off the gorgeous gown.

@emilyrodriguee/TiktokThe dress appeared to be a different style to the one online, and Emily couldn’t do up the side[/caption]

And that one had much more of a positive response from fans, with someone writing: “Omg! Okay but that one is iconic!!! Goes so well with your hair/ skin colour!!

“This is the dress of my dreams,” another person added.

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