I was left with a HUGE scar on my face after dropping my curling iron on it… luckily everyone said I look ‘badass’

GETTING the perfect curls is often a time-consuming process.

But for Elsa Thompson, it was one that resulted in a large scar being left on her face, after she managed to drop her curling iron.

TikTok/@elsa.thompsonElsa Thompson took to TikTok to show the large scar she’d been left with after dropping a curling iron on her face[/caption]

TikTok/@elsa.thompsonThe scar was red and angry at first, but Elsa told TikTok viewers it has since all but gone[/caption]

Sharing a video in which she showcased the scar, Elsa wrote: “So uhh just dropped a curling wand on my face.”

The clip quickly attracted comments from people complimenting Elsa’s scar, with one writing: “Badass scar.”

Another cheekily commented: “At least ur hair looks good

While somebody else wrote: “That scar looks really cool.”

“Wearing a mask has got to be painful,” another person questioned, to which she replied: “IT WAS! because my breath was bouncing off the mask onto the burn.”

In another video explaining exactly how she got the burn, Elsa explained that she was curling her bangs with her cheap curling wand when she dropped it.

And because it was so incredibly hot and the hair was stuck to it, the iron then stuck to her face before she “yanked it off”.

Despite the scar taking up a large section of the right hand side of her face, Elsa added that the incident had happened some time ago, and she is actually scar-less now.

She also cited regular use of Palmer’s Cocoa Butter Skin Therapy Oil for helping get rid of the scar.

TikTok/@elsa.thompsonElsa said the accident had happened because she’d been using a cheap tong that had got too hot[/caption]

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