Kevin Na and Fellow PGA Tour Pro Engage in Unexpected Twitter Feud: ‘You’d Never Make Another Cut’

It is time for another Twitter war! This time it is between the Twitter war hero, Grayson Murray, and the Sony Open champion Kevin Na.

Grayson Murray is an American golfer famous for his Twitter wars with his fellow golfers. Although he joined the PGA Tour in 2017, Murray only has only one PGA title. The 28-year-old has made his signature in the golf world for being the most evoking feuds on Twitter.

Starting from calling his fellow golfers “boring” to asking model Lindsey Pelas to be his caddie, Murray has done it all. Because of his behavior, Murray asked his agent to change the password to his Twitter account. However, he figured out the password himself and continued with his habits.

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After a long break, Grayson is back in action in the new year. This time, his opponent is the 2021 Sony Open champion, Kevin Na.

Grayson Murray and Kevin Na Twitter Feud

It all started when the reporter Chantel McCabe posted a tweet on her page about Kevin Na. She wrote: 

Kevin Na walking in putts does not get old.

— Chantel McCabe (@chantel_mccabe) January 14, 2022

Many people commented against it. They said:

Kevin Na taking almost 2 minutes to hit a putt gets very old

— Scott Brown (@Sdbrown9) January 14, 2022

Grayson Murray took this opportunity to troll the Sony Open champion. He tweeted:

Kevin Na taking 3 minutes to putt them. does get old.

— Grayson Murray (@GraysonMurray) January 14, 2022

Although the audience’s comments didn’t hurt him, Kevin Na sure got angry when he read his fellow golfer’s opinion. He retaliated the post with this comment:

u missing the cut is getting old!

— Kevin Na (@kevinna915) January 15, 2022

Byeong-Hun An, a professional golfer from South Korea, supported Na’s comment and trolled Grayson in the process. He added:

Somebody please call an ambulance for grayson here

— Byeong Hun An (@ByeongHunAn) January 15, 2022

Although people supported Na more than him, Grayson wasn’t ready to let the opportunity for another Twitter feud slip from his hand. He tweeted,

If they penalized you like they should for slow play you’d never make another cut either.

— Grayson Murray (@GraysonMurray) January 15, 2022

This was Grayson’s second reply to Kevin Na’s comment. However, due to some reason, he deleted his first tweet. But, Twitter is a social media, and once you post something there, it stays there forever. A fan, who took a screenshot of Grayson’s first tweet, added that as his comment under the second one.

We saw the first one too bro

— Mikey (@YCMMEI) January 15, 2022

Kevin Na or any other professional golfers are yet to reply to this tweet. They either haven’t seen it or chose not to do it.

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What do you think of Murray’s nature of starting a feud? He does make golf a little bit too interesting, right? Let us know!

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