Kwame Brown Claims LeBron James Is the Real Reason Behind Lakers’ Problems: “Bron Needs to Be the True King He’s Supposed to Be”

The Los Angeles Lakers have been disappointing, to say the least. Dubbed as championship favorites before the season, they are now struggling for a playoff spot. The team mostly relied on the brilliancies of LeBron James this season, who is now 37 years old.

Although LeBron has done a good job carrying his team so far, he receives little or no help from his teammates. The stats narrate the same story as Russell Westbrook and Anthony Davis have been below average this season.

With most of the analysts and pundits blaming LeBron’s teammates for the Lakers’ mess, Kwame Brown has other opinions. He feels James is the biggest problem for the Lakers and has gone all out to bash him.

Lebron James frustrated with loss to Timberwolves | Courtesy: Reuters

Kwame Brown on LeBron James

Former Lakers center Kwame Brown has minced no words. While on an interview, Kwame talks about the viral video of LeBron checking out the stats of Russell Westbrook mid-game.

He says, “For LeBron to be looking at a stat sheet on the bench, he’s still great, he’s still gonna go down in the history as a great player, but that was the wrong message to see.

Kwame Brown adds, “LeBron keeps scoring a lot of points, but they are losing. That ain’t working. So now LeBron needs to be the true King and the true leader that he is supposed to be. And say, ‘okay, I’m not gonna lead the league in scoring, maybe I could score a 25, 24 play better defense.”

Brown calls out James for not contributing to the team and helping out with defense. According to him, even though LeBron is scoring a lot, his team is still losing. So is LeBron James the real problem inside the Lakers’ roster?

Is LeBron the problem?

Although Kwame Brown has criticized James for his defensive contributions, LeBron still has a defensive rating of 107.5 this season.

The Los Angeles Lakers have had to deal with a lot of issues this season. James has also missed quite a significant amount of games this season owing to injury and being out for testing positive for the Covid-19.

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Anthony Davis getting injured added to the Lakers’ problems. Despite having a dismal season, he was a key player in the starting 5.

Russell Westbrook, the Los Angeles Lakers’ superstar acquisition in the summer, has been amidst all the criticism. His decision-making has been criticized heavily by fans and analysts alike.

Jan 9, 2022; Los Angeles, California, USA; Los Angeles Lakers forward LeBron James (6) reacts after scoring a basket and drawing the foul against Memphis Grizzlies forward Jaren Jackson Jr. (13) during the first half at Arena. Mandatory Credit: Gary A. Vasquez-USA TODAY Sports

After suffering a loss against the Memphis Grizzlies, LeBron James himself pointed out the problem at the Lakers. “We gotta cut down on our careless turnovers — the ones that’s just unforced,” James says after the match.

He adds, “We’re gonna have attack turnovers, which is OK. We have a lot of attackers and we understand that. But, the careless turnovers, where, literally, you just turn the ball over and there’s no pressure or there’s no reason for it, those are the ones that get us in trouble.”

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