Stone Cold Steve Austin Reveals If He Didn’t Want to Put Over Triple H in the Late 90s: “Things Were Running Kind of Hot and Heavy”

Stone Cold Steve Austin is a living legend in the world of professional wrestling. The Texas Rattlesnake shared the WWE ring with several WWE legends, including Triple H.

The two men faced each other numerous times. But there had been a rumor about Austin not wanting to put Triple H over for the title in 1999.

During an interview, Stone Cold Steve Austin got asked about the rumors of him not wanting to put Triple over for the title in 1999.

Addressing this question, Austin said, “I don’t remember that. I don’t remember not wanting to do the honors. But my head was in a completely different place right then and things were running kind of hot and heavy. So I’ve heard that story a million times.”

“If me and Triple H and Mick were sitting around and we probably put all the pieces together, I could come up with an answer and remember with clarity. But just left to my own devices, I do not remember it,” he added.

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Further, the WWE Hall of Famer mentioned that it was certainly nothing against Triple H. He noted he got the utmost respect for Triple H and enjoyed wrestling with him inside the ring.

Triple H once saved Steve Austin from a fan attack

Back in 1998, Steve Austin had established himself as one of the top stars in WWE. He faced Triple H in a WWE live event in Berlin, Germany. He defeated Triple H after hitting both Triple H and Chyna with a Stone Cold Stunner.

Fans celebrated Austin’s victory along with him. But one fan jumped the barricade and ran into the ring to attack Stone Cold Steve Austin. However, before the fan could attack Austin, Triple H prevented the fan from attacking the Texas Rattlesnake.

At that time, Triple H was a heel, and Austin was a babyface. But Triple H broke his heel character to save Austin from the fan attack. Referee Mike Chioda also assisted Triple H in dealing with the fan attack.

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That is not the only time that we witnessed a fan attacking in the WWE. Recently, in 2021, a fan attacked Seth Rollins during an episode of Monday Night Raw. But thankfully, the WWE superstar did not get hurt or injured.

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