Valkyrae Sets Up Her Fans for Disappointment – “I think I should take a break”

Famous video game streamer Valkyrae shared a piece of sad news with her fans recently. She is taking a leave away from the video streaming platform YouTube for an indefinite period.

Valkyrae had a live-streaming session on her YouTube channel. She played GTA RP as well in the long session. However, before that, she provided her subscribers with a major update regarding her journey on YouTube Gaming.

live today 3pm pst!

watchin vids then GTAV RP all day!
see ya soon <3

(tomorrow marks 2 years streaming on YouTube and my last stream for a while :’) will do a short adios stream and talk about future plans woooo)

— rae (@Valkyrae) January 14, 2022

She notified her followers prior to the GTA V stream that this video will be her last live stream on YouTube. She also teased some future plans she has for herself ahead.

Valkyrae says goodbye to YouTube!

This is quite shocking to her millions of subscribers who have watched her content for the last two years on the platform. After leaving Twitch, a few years back, Valkyrae signed a deal with YouTube, on which she became widely popular, along with a huge following.

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In her live chat for GTA V gameplay streaming, on YouTube, Valkyrae briefly mentioned why she wanted to leave the website. Talking about it, she said:

“I think I should take a break anyways I mean it’s a new year”.

Moreover, she also focused on “preparing for the future” while maintaining some secrecy over all the details. During the live chat, Valkyrae was asked to give hints on what’s next for her after she takes a break from YouTube. Luckily, she had a promising reply to such queries.

“Your hint is that I am not quitting streaming”.

In her last Among Us stream, with Pokimane and the rest of her friends, Valkyrae will share the information on her leave from YouTube.

Meanwhile, Valkyrae thanked all her fans for showing an immense amount of love and support in the two years she spent on YouTube. She also gave useful tips to budding streamers who are struggling despite generating good content.

“You need to diversify yourself onto other platforms”.

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Well, the answer itself may be a hint regarding her future journey after YouTube. Although she didn’t actually say that she will look for new platforms and contracts, or anything else.

One thing is certain, though, that YouTube fans will miss Valkyrae while she is away in the upcoming months.

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