Who Is Logan Paul’s Ex-Girlfriend, Chantel Jeffries?

Logan Paul has been rumored into several relationships over the past few years. He also spun headlines after talking to ring girl Kourtney Kellar in the wake of his brother Jake Paul’s win against former UFC champion Tyron Woodley in a high-voltage boxing scrap. That said, the 26-year-old appears to be single at the time and seems busy with several things in his life.

Followed by a fight against KSI years back, ‘The Maverick’ took on Floyd Mayweather in an exhibition in June 2021, which eventually ended in a draw. He has now joined hands with former nemesis KSI to start their energy drink brand PRIME.

Amid all these factors, his love life somehow remains a prime interest for the fans. While Paul has dated many women in his life, his romantic phase with Chantel Jeffries remains one of the most known ones. Logan Paul and Jeffries seemingly dated for a brief period. Both also had an interaction regarding a bitcoin investment, which later grabbed massive attention from the fans.

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While they are no longer together, Paul and Jeffries continue to grow in their respective fields. 29-year-old Chantel Jeffries may not be popular in the combat community. But she is a prime entity in today’s entertainment world. Here’s what we know about her.

Who is Chantel Jeffries? What does she do for a living?

Per reports, Chantel Jeffries is an American model, social media entrepreneur, DJ, artist, and investor. She has 4.7 million followers on Instagram, 732.1k followers on Twitter, and 1.04 million subscribers on YouTube. She undeniably earns hefty paychecks from the social media stints. Besides, she is also a musician and has her own Spotify account with 10 songs currently on board.


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Meanwhile, she is also a smart crypto investor and has a separate website where she discusses all her investment plans. Thus, she also appears to make a huge portion of her income from investments and other e-economical dealings.

How much money does Logan Paul’s ex-girlfriend Chantel Jeffries make?

According to reports, her net worth in 2021 was $3 million. She makes more than $1000 at least every month from all the variant occupations she has.

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Henceforth, her yearly income is over $100k at least. From paid promotions to photoshoots and music videos, Jeffries had done it all. The young woman is already pretty successful and can only grow to become even more popular in the coming days.

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