‘Wide Back’: San Francisco 49ers Star Deebo Samuel Invents New Position in Football For Himself

NFL franchise San Francisco 49ers are in possession of a top and versatile player in WR Deebo Samuel. His technical abilities and freakish athleticism are very scary attributes for any team that comes up against them. During his presser on Friday, Samuel was seen getting candid with a reporter’s question regarding his position.

The wideout usually faces some questions about his own and team performances, but he was asked to describe his position. The question by the reporter did lead to Deebo candidly answering, “Wide back. Wide receiver playing running back.” The statement coming from Samuel isn’t at all surprising for many fans who have seen him play.

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He has during the 2021 season has shown so much versatility in his contributions. So when fans end up calling him a wide receiver, the 49ers feel the description about Samuel is incomplete. He displays a work rate similar to a running back as a wide receiver while also showing the ability to throw the football. His touchdown pass last week to force the 49ers to an overtime victory over the Rams is a shining example.

Question to Deebo Samuel: “If you were to meet someone and they asked you what position you played, what would you say?”

Answer: “Wide back. Wide receiver playing running back.”

All Pro Wide Back. pic.twitter.com/qEZqGO2AF1

— Field Yates (@FieldYates) January 14, 2022

Deebo Samuel: The Wide Back

Following his amazing heroics in the win, coach Kyle Shanahan was full of praise for his star wideout. He was quoted saying, “Deebo is one of the most aware people I’ve been around and one of the smarter receivers I’ve been around. It’s extremely natural to him.” The coach also was seen showering praise for Samuel’s work ethic and composure.

A player who was always carrying an injury-prone tag on his career has had a resurgence in 2021. Samuel leads the 49ers with 14 total touchdowns and also has 77 catches for 121 targets. He also has 369 receiving yards during the NFL regular season.

Considering that he is the 49ers‘ second WR with George Kittle, his chances have been almost cut to half. The stat sheet might not be equal or as full as some of the league’s best in his position, but Samuel is an impact player. Now the feeling entering the playoffs around teams is that Deebo is San Francisco’s key player. His health and form will determine how their postseason will shape up since their very first Wild Card game.

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