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RARE: Young LeBron James Looks Like Just Another Michael Jordan Fanboy in Iconic Photo of the Two GOATs

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Like fans of most other sports, NBA fans engage in heated debates about bestowing the ‘GOAT’ title to either LeBron James or Michael Jordan. The two players have absolutely dominated the NBA during their playing careers. Considering their achievements, it’s understandable that the duo has fawning rival fan bases. An old photo that resurfaced shows LeBron sitting close to his idol, Jordan.

A LeBron James fan on Twitter posted an old photo that displays both LeBron and Jordan in the same frame. Jordan sat alongside a young LeBron with his teammates and coaches. Coincidentally, both LeBron and Jordan wore the number 23 on their shirts as they pose for the photo.

RT: @KingJames #LeBronJames #NBAAllStar

Michael Jordan

— Captain LeBron (@Kolong961210) January 15, 2022

‘King James’ and ‘Air Jordan’ were at the opposite ends of their respective careers. In 2003, Jordan retired from his legendary career. On the other hand, LeBron was on the cusp of beginning his imminent illustrious career. As history would have it, LeBron and Jordan have come close to each other in terms of their basketball legacies too.

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Jordan played for the Washington Wizards when he retired in 2003. The Cleveland Cavaliers drafted LeBron in the 2003 NBA Draft. LeBron currently dons the purple and gold jersey for the Los Angeles Lakers. He joined the Lakers in 2018.

LeBron James and his motivation to surpass Michael Jordan’s legacy

Many current NBA stars idolize former NBA legends who graced the sport of basketball and left a lasting legacy in the NBA. It is only fitting then that LeBron James idolizes another ‘GOAT’ in Michael Jordan. LeBron himself has admitted that he wished to surpass Jordan’s legacy that the latter established through his exploits at the Chicago Bulls.

While speaking to Sports Illustrated in 2016, LeBron, rather poetically, said, “My motivation is the ghost I’m chasing. The ghost that played in Chicago.” And if reports are to be believed, LeBron hopes to eclipse Jordan off the court as well, with rumors abound about LeBron hoping to acquire an NBA franchise like Jordan and the Charlotte Hornets. LeBron is presently playing in the 19th NBA season of his career.

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